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Making A Partnership: Our Recipe For Impactful Collaborations

There’s been a lot of talk about partnerships in the travel industry this year. Big or small, tourism businesses agree it’s better to team up than compete when hard times...

Posted by Klook Careers on Oct 21, 2020

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How To Survive 2020: Mental Wellbeing Tips We All Need Right Now

We’re extending the World Mental Health Day (October 10) into a mental health month because mental wellbeing deserves more than one day of our attention! You can follow our Wellness...

Posted by Klook Careers on Oct 13, 2020

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2020 Is a Lesson In Collaboration: Here’s What We Learned

In times of crisis, more than ever, collaboration is key. Companies that managed to pull their resources together fast have been more successful in battling the recent challenges. But what...

Posted by Klook Careers on Oct 5, 2020

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We built a live streaming feature: Introducing Klook Live!

Klook built what!? Meet Klook Live!, our brand new live stream mobile feature. The new product allows us to produce immersive content that not only entertains users but also helps...

Posted by Klook Careers on Sep 28, 2020

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Klook’s 6th Birthday Throwback: Tales from First Employees

It’s our 6th birthday! And what better way to celebrate than by taking a trip down the memory lane? We went straight to the source aka. our early employees. They...

Posted by Klook Careers on Sep 10, 2020

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