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Why Klook?

We are experts in finance, tech, marketing, business and more. But most importantly, we are a team of people who always want to achieve more and can spot an opportunity behind any challenge. We work closely together across four continents to fulfill our mission of empowering people around the world to discover, book, and experience the best things to do. And now, our mission got even more interesting. We're re-imagining travel in the post-COVID world. Are you in?


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Our co-founders Eric, Ethan and Bernie (left to right)


Klook was founded in 2014 out of a passion for discovery. Since then, Klook has become a go-to app for booking travel and leisure experiences in APAC, raised over US$720 million in funding and connected millions of users with experiences that bring joy. Today, our users can choose from over 280,000 products and services in more than 500 destinations, including exclusive deals for some of the most famous attractions in the world.

We’ve made exploring far-flung corners of the world easier... but we believe there are plenty of adventures waiting at your own doorstep! This is why our platform has grown to include local deals and products, from experiences to car rental and staycations. 

Everyone is welcome



At Klook, we believe a joyful workplace is a welcoming workplace, one where employees from all walks of life come together to build something great. We love diverse perspectives because they challenge us to keep learning, stay curious and deliver our best work. But it’s not enough to value diversity — we all share the responsibility to continue building a culture where all voices can be heard in an open and safe environment. At the end of the day, it’s our unique backgrounds and experiences that make Klook who we are: a truly global company, bringing joy to a diverse community of users, all around the world. 

Klook Core Beliefs: PATH


Push Boundaries

Success starts with aiming high, taking calculated risks, moving fast and adjusting faster to achieve our goals. Change is always an opportunity, even when it feels uncomfortable. 


Ask For and Give Feedback

How do you grow fast? You ask the right questions, get honest feedback and stay curious. We constantly test, iterate and constructively challenge each to make every new piece of work better than the last. 


Take Ownership

We trust each other to execute and make decisions with autonomy because we always act in Klook’s best interest. We own both our successes and our failures. We take the lead when we see an opportunity.


Help Each Other

If you want to make it fast, you can walk alone but if we want to make it far, we must run and win as a team.


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