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Your journey starts here

Every day at Klook is a new adventure. We experiment with innovative solutions, collaborate with colleagues all over the world, explore new passions and shape our career paths. Most importantly, the work we do here is impactful. With each new project, we help bring the world closer together by connecting people with experiences, far and near. We value ambition, ownership, a strong data mindset and fast execution. Sounds like you? Come on in. 

How we hire

Submit a Job Application

1. Submit a job application

We believe that people do their best work when they truly enjoy their job. Show us how the role you’re applying for aligns with your interests. 

Have a quick call with Klook recruiter

2. Have a quick call with a Klook recruiter

If we think you might be the right fit, you'll speak with a recruiter to learn more about the role and what it's like to work at Klook. At the same time, our recruiter will understand more about you and your skillsets.

Complete assessment exercise

3. Complete an assessment exercise 

Depending on the role, you might be asked to fill out an online test, prepare a presentation or complete another form of assessment exercise. This may come before or after the interview with your hiring manager

Video interview with hiring manager

4. Interview with the hiring manager

The hiring manager will invite you for a video call or an on-site meeting to evaluate your interest in the role and relevant skills.

Meet the team icon

5. Meet the team

Stakeholders and your potential team mates will learn more about you during a series of video or on-site interviews. This is also a chance for you to learn more about working at Klook.

Confetti icon

6. Welcome to Klook!

Congratulations, you are officially a Klooker! Determine the start date with your recruiter and our HR team will be in touch about your onboarding process shortly.

Are you Klooker material?

      08_Checklist_Icon_33x33.png   You take ownership                                  

      08_Checklist_Icon_33x33.png   You're motivated to learn and grow

      08_Checklist_Icon_33x33.png    You push yourself outside your comfort zone           

      08_Checklist_Icon_33x33.png    You thrive on change        

      08_Checklist_Icon_33x33.png    Customer satisfaction is your priority

      08_Checklist_Icon_33x33.png    You’re a team player

      08_Checklist_Icon_33x33.png    You give feedback openly

      08_Checklist_Icon_33x33.png    You have a data mindset

Quick tips


Yes, you can apply for more than one role at once. However, we recommend narrowing your choices down to a few jobs that truly match your skills, experience and interests.
Even if your previous application was unsuccessful, we'd love to hear from you again. Sign up to our Talent Network to make sure you don't miss any new opportunities that match your profile.
If you got to the interview stage, our recruiter will reach out to update you regardless of the outcome. You can also log into our system to check the status of your application and see whether it has been reviewed, declined or marked successful.
This depends on the role you’re applying for and the seniority level. The number of interview rounds varies from two to four rounds. For some roles, there may also be a test or a different form of skill assessment.
We want the recruitment process to go as swiftly as possible. The exact duration of the process depends on your schedule as well as the hiring team’s schedule. Our recruitment team does their best to complete the entire interview process within thirty days from the application and to get back to you with an offer status within a week after your final interview.
We could talk about our culture all day but we'll try to keep it brief! We are a diverse bunch but we have a few things in common: we push the boundaries and step outside our comfort zone, we take ownership, we learn faster with feedback and we build meaningful relationships with colleagues all around the world. We are more than comfortable with change — we manage to find opportunities behind every challenge (let 2020 be a testament to that).

Read more about our story and who we are on the About page. And check out this article to find out if Klook is the right place for you!

As part of #TeamKlook, you will get a competitive and well-benchmarked salary, medical insurance, mobile and commute benefits, wellness programs in the office or remotely and Klookies (credits to spend on the Klook app). And last but not least, a wonderful team of international colleagues to work and grow with! Read more about benefits on the About page.
We like the way you're thinking — we're all about growth too! In the words of Sheryl Sandberg, a career at a fast-paced tech company is “a jungle gym, not a ladder”. We don’t have ready-made career paths you have to fit into. You get to decide your next move. Want to aim for the next level in the field you’re working in? Great! Or maybe you want to try something new? No problem! There are always opportunities at Klook for those who want to have the most impact and proactively shape their own path.

Find out more in our article on learning culture at Klook.

Work arrangements vary depending on the market situation but employee safety is always our priority. Klook offices operate safely according to the local regulations, implementing work from home or split team arrangements where needed. Please check with your recruiter for the most up-to-date situation in your target location.

If you’re interviewing remotely, you might find this article useful: Ace Your Next Online Job Interview In 10 Easy Steps.

Learn more about careers at Klook


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