Learning & Development at Klook: Grooming aspiring Project Managers

There’s no end to learning. Hence, we have ongoing courses available all year round for Klookers to sign up voluntarily. Here, we are empowered to take ownership of our learning and development. So when a workshop series titled ‘Project Management Program’ surfaced one day, the slots were immediately taken by our enthusiastic learners at Klook. 

Over one week, we garnered 72 Klookers from all seniority levels and all corners of the world. After 12.5 learning hours and assignment submissions, they successfully ‘graduated’ from the program!

Project Management Program at Klook

A diverse group of participants dialing in from all over the world! 

You may wonder why we introduced this program in the first place. Here, everyone can wear the hat of an entrepreneur. Regardless of the career path we take, there’s a high likelihood that we’d have a hand in or take the lead in project management.

So, what better way to learn about it than hearing from in-house experts with decades of experience, coupled with hands-on application? Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this program!

Not your typical college lecture

Textbook learning alone doesn’t suffice so we use a blended learning approach – a combination of interactive discussions and learning from internal subject matter experts.

Why internal experts instead of certified instructors outside Klook? There’s no one who understands Klook better than our own Klookers. So, we invited our senior leaders to design a module tailored to Klook’s business context, one that Klookers find applicable to their job. This way, the participants wouldn’t be the only ones learning, but our senior leaders who signed up as instructors too!

 Project Management Program Instructors at Klook

One of the instructors, Amrita Toor, thinks the saying “One teaches, two learn” rings true for her. “My knowledge is always tested and expanded by the questions that my audience asks. This also varies depending on who the audience is,  so I learn new perspectives each time. Even when preparing for the session, I get a chance to refresh what I 'think I know'. It’s also an opportunity for me to plug any gaps in my knowledge as well as update myself with the latest trends, stats, or philosophies,” reflected Amrita. 

Anyone could lead team discussions - juniors included

There’s room for honing leadership skills. Anyone was given the opportunity to volunteer as a group discussion leader. Since we made the entry requirements low, freshies were welcome to push their learning boundaries. And if they wished to step up their game, they could raise their hands for the group leader role! 

Group leaders for Project Management Program at Klook

These Klookers were nominated by their group members more than once. A round of applause for their #pushboundaries spirit!

Social learning is oh-so-energizing

Have you ever found yourself dropping out of an online course after a certain period of time? Your reason could be any of the following: interest petered out over time, a lack of free time to stay committed to the course, the course does not provide value to you… Consider this: would you finish the course if your peer stayed until the end too?

It’s about keeping each other accountable. With this in mind, we gave each participant pre- and post-session assignments to help them foster a better understanding of our learning content. All team members play a part in helping each other to review their finished work, then ask for and give feedback on how they could further polish their assignments to the best of their abilities.

Forging work friendships

Staying true to our mission of joy, we’re always looking for ways to set up global learning programs. That way, Klookers are able to take part in discussions with diverse groups of people spanning over 10 nationalities and have fun while doing so! 

Here’s a safe, judgment-free space where everyone can share their perspectives and bounce ideas off each other. It is beyond pure knowledge transfer. More importantly, it encourages cohort learning, collaboration, and ultimately better teamwork. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, right?

 Klookers' testimonials

Welcome to a space where meaningful work friendships are formed…

Given the program’s massive turnout and acclaim, Season 2 is underway. One thing’s for certain, we can expect much more refined content prompting food for thought next year!

Do our learning opportunities sound thrilling to you? 

Find a role that helps you grow 

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