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Learning at Klook: 5 Things You Need To Know

At Klook, learning and development are central to our culture. There are many great reasons to cultivate a learning organization but quite frankly, we just enjoy learning around here. Curiosity is one of our defining characteristics. We’re always looking to grow — as teammates, managers, people — and we never stop asking questions.

Looking for a career with plenty of growth opportunities? We rounded up five things you need to know about learning at Klook!


1. Klook is a learning organization by nature 

At Klook, no one pretends to have all the answers. After all, if we want to do something that’s never been done before, we need to figure out how to do it first! 

“We are a learning organization as a strategy,” explains Harmen Nieuwenhuis, Senior Director, Learning & Development. “We are perpetually figuring out how to do something, what’s the best way to do it together, measure that, see the impact, learn from it. The way we run the business is to learn all the time.”

We are comfortable with the fact that sometimes (most of the time!) we need to try different solutions and fail a couple of times before we hit the jackpot. So no matter what your role is, experimenting and learning along the way comes as part of the package. 


2. Our L&D programs are always evolving 

Being an agile company means that we always move fast. Customer needs, the travel industry and the world around us are constantly changing and we have to evolve in response.


Anja Schöne, Performance Marketing Manager at Klook, kicks off an online session with an audience poll

“What you need today, might not be the first priority in three months’ time. We will keep giving you what you need to succeed at that moment,” says Katrina An, Associate Director, L&D.

How do we make sure that our learning and development materials stay truly relevant? As Katrina explains, “We always go back to the purpose. We ask ourselves: why do Klookers need this training? How can they apply it in their day-to-day?”. 


3. We designed our own leadership program

Good management is never easy but it’s even harder in a company like ours, that thrives on change and fast pace. To help leaders tackle these specific challenges, our L&D team designed a leadership program especially for Klook.

“In a ‘traditional’ company, a manager sets out to achieve a goal, they know how to do it, and between the time they start and finish the task, the world hasn’t changed,” says Harmen. “None of these statements are true for us. We are always searching for new ways to bring value to the customers. More often than not, that means doing things we have never done before and that can be a challenge as a manager.”


A little bit of fun never killed any training session

The Managing at Klook Program helps managers learn how to make decisions in ambiguity and lead their team through change. When we thrive despite challenges, that’s not only a win for the business but also a milestone in our personal growth. 


4. Learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom 

Learning is not limited to official workshops organized by our Learning & Development (L&D) team — we learn from each other every day! Most projects at Klook rely on collaboration between different functions and locations, so the ideas always flow back and forth. 

Longhao Liu, Senior Video Producer based in Singapore, regularly works with design and marketing teams around the world to produce our video campaigns. “Working with teams in different countries means getting unique creative inputs that help in diversifying my work as a video producer,” he says. “While I give feedback based on my professional knowledge, I’m also learning something new from each market and each project.”

With offices in Asia, Australia, EMEA and the United States, we have a truly global team always keeping their ear to the ground for the latest market trends. We swap best practices to replicate success from one country to other regions (and to avoid making the same mistakes!). 


5. Anyone can teach!

We believe that the responsibility to educate and help each other succeed lies with everyone at the company. That’s why we don’t just learn, but also teach others. After all, aren’t we all experts in our fields? 


Trainers in training, Klook Shenzhen office

Ashley Liang, Senior L&D manager, runs the Train The Trainer program to help Klookers master the skill of effective teaching. In the course of two half-day workshops, aspiring trainers learn how to design and facilitate training sessions like pros. The workshop equips the trainers with transferable skills, so they can teach any subject area. Recent submissions have ranged from problem-solving and business negotiation to interaction design and social media marketing!


Looking for a career with endless growth opportunities? 

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