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Dear diary, there's so much to celebrate as we turn 8!

Dear Diary,

Now that we’re more than halfway through the year, in fact, less than 4 months left in 2022 (*gasps), there’s no better time to do a self-reflection than now. 

Although 2022 has not been as smooth sailing a year as we wished it to be, it has been filled with constant growth, pushing of boundaries and our resilience continues to help us stand tall against all odds.  

A huge leap forward in Da Nang, Vietnam

Klook x Vietnam Danang Tourism Organization

We kicked off 2022 with a bang in Central Vietnam, where we signed a partnership with the Da Nang Tourism Promotion Center. A coastal city known for the Golden Bridge and the French-inspired Ba Na Hills, Da Nang is a huge contributor to Vietnam’s domestic tourism. It means a lot to us to be able to help local businesses accelerate digital transformation through our own merchant solutions. 


Lunar New Year reunions 

Klook Shenzhen Team Shenzhen team with tiger plush toys! Seated in the middle is our co-founder and CTO Bernie.

 Klook Taipei Team

Team Taipei ushered in Spring with a game-filled party and winners walked away with prizes.

For two years, we were unable to gather in person for large, boisterous reunions, and that’s dampening during Lunar New Year and major festivals. While not all markets were open yet, our teams in Shenzhen and Taipei were fortunate to celebrate the year of the Tiger with roarsome food and people. Great vibes overall!

Klook rebrand: Your World of Joy!

Klook Rebrand

Approaching the eight-year mark, this was the first time we had a rebrand on a massive scale. It wasn’t just a simple logo change; we gave our brand identity, tone of voice, and personality an epic makeover. This was not an overnight effort for sure. Our entire team pulled it off with success after bouts of brainstorming and rounds of refinements over 2 years. 


Klook Rebrand

Aren't our characters just SO adorable?

When we finally saw our blood, sweat, and tears come to fruition, truth be told, the weight was lifted off our shoulders. You know the joy of seeing a newborn after 9 grueling months of bearing them in the womb? While we can’t compare our experience to that (we have our utmost respect for mothers around the world), we won’t deny that it brought tears of joy to our eyes. Yes, it is THAT life-changing. 

Tap and go with our Klook Passes

Klook Pass


Our mission has always been to make the travel & leisure experience seamless and joyful. What better way to do so than introduce a Klook Pass that allows travelers to experience all the top activities in one trip? Having launched Klook Passes in 45 destinations such as Melbourne, Penang, Bali, Dubai, and more in Q1, we hope travelers get the best out of their trips while saving some pennies and time on booking. 

Klook Workcation: Travel and work anywhere!
 Klook Workcation


As global travel recovers, some of us are itching to get out there to explore. One or two weeks of vacation may just not be enough to make up for all the travel experiences we missed in the past two years (don’t even remind us of flight ticket refunds and canceled bookings🙈). 

This gave rise to the concept of the Klook Workcation. Klookers can now work while traveling to anywhere in the world for up to 30 days, and be subsidized for leisure activities booked on Klook during the trip! So far, some of our Klookers have had a taste of the digital nomad lifestyle in popular destinations like Seoul, Singapore, and the furthest being in Ottawa, Canada!

Most Innovative HR Team & a service counter of our own in Bangkok Airport

Klook Counter in Bangkok Airport


Over the last 8 years, one thing that hasn’t changed about us is our passion for people, and that includes our users and Klookers. We know life experiences matter to all, so we strive to provide the best for everyone through each touchpoint. 

Knowing that Bangkok is a travel destination with high foot traffic, we set up a special service counter for travel essential pick-ups such as DTAC Tourist Sim card, Airport Rail Link, BTS Rabbit Card, Thailand Outbound Sim, Korea T-Money Card, Singapore Travel Card - to name a few. Through this counter, we hope to offer a human touch with physical customer service. That way, we get to stay better connected with our customers and constantly fine-tune our offerings based on their needs.

In other news about people, our People & Culture team was recognized as one of the Innovative HR Teams in 2022 by Human Resources Director Asia for our launch of PATH core beliefs and wellness initiatives. Making it on the list, alongside other world-renowned companies including Intel, Pfizer, Unilever Philippines, and more, was a huge honor to us.  

Orange splashes across Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Klook Hong Kong Summer Campaign 

Appearing on billboards in the middle of a global financial center is an aspiration for many – us included. And it finally became a dream come true for us in 2022! Riding on the wave of summer, we featured our Joy Kreators Joyce Cheng and Kaki Sham in our Hong Kong commercial (for readers in Hong Kong: we hope you had scored some great deals on our Klook app).

Perhaps a commercial feature on Times Square's digital screens in New York one day? Never say never!

We officially adopt Hybrid Work 

As the world started opening up again, workplaces in many regions were re-opening their doors to welcome their employees back to their offices. Having informally adopted hybrid (remote) work since the pandemic to provide agility and flexibility in response to evolving COVID-19 situations since early 2020, we believed a formal policy would benefit Klookers in strengthening relationships and instilling a greater sense of belonging to the company. 


Klook KL Hybrid Work

Living up to their 'foodies' reputation, our team in Kuala Lumpur welcomed Klookers back with delicious Japanese lunchboxes! 😋

While adjustments had to be made to better accommodate work and personal schedules with increased work-from-office frequency, quality time spent working alongside, and bonding, with our co-workers in person beats countless hours spent interacting virtually! In fact, offices have enthusiastically started organizing offsites and in-office gatherings for the rest of the year to make up for lost time from the last 2.5 years! 

Looking back, we have achieved so much in just eight months. As we mark our 8th birthday, we are excited about the road ahead of us, and how we will impact the new world of travel. For now, we’ll remain laser-focused on our goals for 2022 and continue to put JOY at the core of everything we do!

Signing off with immense joy and gratitude, 



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