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Orange and roarsome: Uncover Klook’s spirit animal

We’re entering the year of the tiger, and that means only one thing: red envelope gifting season! Nah, we’re just (half) kidding. Like any given moment, the year of the tiger is here to give us hope and bring us lessons.   

We’re no Feng Shui masters here so this isn’t a life prediction for all Tigers out there. Instead, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, we thought it would be interesting to draw parallels between Klook and the characteristics of a tiger. 

Orange is the new black, quite literally


Obviously, the first similarity anyone can point out from the get-go is our signature orange. Representing enthusiasm, joy and creativity, orange represents who we are as a brand. Just like a tiger’s stripes across its body, we bring spontaneity back into customers’ lives. We’re never about the boring, and neither is the tiger - our colors and personality help us stand out in the travel world, sparking joy for whoever we meet and encounter.

Adventurous in hunting for opportunities

It’s hunting season…always! We're ever ready to make bold moves to conquer the new normal of travel. Before the pandemic, we were focused on tour packages, attractions and activities. If you had checked our app 2 years ago, staycation and car rentals weren’t a thing yet. Just like the tiger observing its prey quietly behind the bushes, we weighed the risks and went ahead with our attack to double up on merchant partnership and expand our services. This year will be no exception! The year of the tiger symbolizes a year of risk-taking and adventure, and we’re all set as a pack for it. 

Go big or go home 

The tiger doesn’t settle for anything less than what they put their eyes on…and neither do we. At Klook, we’ve baked it into our everyday life with our core beliefs PATH. We push boundaries every day, move fast with feedback, take ownership and help each other along. We never take no for an answer….not even a pandemic can get us down! Through reinvention and embracing changes, we defied all odds to not only survive, but to uplift the whole industry along the way through cross-border partnerships with tourism boards and community outreach.

Fast and big gets the prey


Did you know a male tiger can weigh as much as 300kg at its heaviest but move at a maximum speed of 65 km/h (that’s as fast as a speeding van)? When the pandemic halted travel as we knew it, we didn’t slow down with it. In fact, with resilience and agility, we moved quickly into domestic experiences and leisure activities, breathing new life into our product mix and market share. Who says big cats aren’t light on their feet?

Survival instinct is strong 

Over the years, illegal poaching has resulted in a decreasing population of tigers. But with proper measures and a well-protected environment, tigers always manage to bounce back from the brink of extinction. The past two years (goodbye 2020 and 2021) were about survival and adaptation. In the Year of the Tiger, recovery and reset are our biggest themes. It is also a year of embracing big changes, which we’ve been gearing up for behind the scenes. We’re in the crouching position, ready to pounce and turn the impossible into the possible. Defying the odds since we were founded, we’ve proven time and time again that no challenge is too great as long as we stay positive and work together as #TeamKlook


Seeing how we embody the spirit of a tiger, who knows – the magnificent animal might just be our mascot one day? Last but not least, we wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. May this roaring good year bring forth an abundance of energy for us to unleash our inner tigers! 


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