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Inside Klook’s car rental vertical with Joey Jin

Did you know that you can book a rental car on Klook? Our car rental vertical is only one year old but it already spans several regions: Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia and more. As the restrictions slowly ease in many parts of the world, travelers often find that the best way to get back out is from the safety of a private car. Who knows, a road trip may just be the ultimate 2021 adventure!

We sat down with a Shanghai-based Klooker Joey Jin, Senior Manager, Business Development, to find out more about the car rental side of the business and what the plans for the future are.


7 years in the car rental business and counting! Joey Jin explains the opportunities ahead for Klook car rental 


What attracted you to join Klook?

I've been working at Klook for over a year. I previously worked in Huizuche, a China-based car rental platform, for 6 years. So I've been in the car rental industry for over 7 years now!

What attracted me most about Klook is the global market, each of which has its own characteristics and opportunities. I can use the experience I gained at Huizuche about car rental supply chain management and operations to capture opportunities and create more value on a larger stage.


What are the unique opportunities within this industry?

Unlike North America and Europe, Asia Pacific doesn’t have a clear market leader in the car rental sphere. Given Klook’s strong user base in the region, this is a huge opportunity for us. 

Of course, Asia Pacific is a diverse region, with many different cultures, languages and travel habits. Our strength is that we have our own team on the ground in each market. Klook local teams understand the needs of their customers while the car rental team brings in the expertise to optimize the operations and strategy. 


We've been digging into data to get insights on how our users use rental cars and how we can make their road trip even better


What is Klook’s vision for the car rental vertical in the next 6-12 months?

We are a new vertical business for Klook: we went online a year ago. However, most of our teams have years of experience in car rental operations and we have mature systems and resources. In the past few months, we've grown really fast in Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and Australia by working with the local teams. In the next 6-12 months, we’ll focus on consolidating our position as number one in those markets.

Our vision is to become the largest car rental platform in the Asia Pacific. Of course, it's a team effort and a long-term goal. But first, we need to solve the main problem: low level of integration in the car rental industry in Asia.


What has been your experience working at Klook so far?

I am very glad I had the opportunity to join Klook. The team is young, thoughtful and energetic. At the same time, everyone is very professional. We have a shared vision and it motivates us to keep pushing forward. We live the Klook spirit: we Push Boundaries, Take Ownership and put feedback at the heart of everything so we can keep improving our products and how we work together.

I think there is a sentence to sum up my feelings about working with the Klook team: work hard and play hard!


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