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Near, far, wherever you are: How #TeamKlook has fun while working remotely

We are a global team that is largely separated by screens, especially since the start of the pandemic, but long distance can’t and won’t dampen our spirits as we constantly try to stay connected! A little planning, some coordination, and a dash of creativity – that’s our secret recipe for bonding at a distance. 

(Read on with caution, as mouthwatering food content is coming right up.) 😛


We have our own Masterchefs in da house!

Who knew some of our Klookers could actually channel their inner Gordon Ramsay (minus the foul language of course) in cooking competitions? Early in the 2020 pandemic, Team Malaysia spiced up WFH with a home-cooked lunch battle via Slack. Winners were decided by lunch photos with the highest votes, and they walked away with llaollao frozen yogurt vouchers! 


Can we have all three of them as a 3-course meal, please?

Klookers in Hong Kong also put on their chef’s hats during their fifth wave this year. Except this time, instead of photos, they recorded videos of their cooking process, like those professional cooking tutorials you see on YouTube. We won’t be surprised if these winners end up opening their own eatery one day! Some of the major contenders were Broccoli Tortellini with cauliflower and chorizo (approved by our Italian Klooker Stefano Viani), Lobster risotto di sémola, and handmade Chinese dumplings. 


Wonder what Gordon Ramsay will say about this Italian-approved dish. 🤔


Looks intimidating to prepare but delicious to eat!

Team Philippines takes culinary to the next level by organizing a virtual Cooking Made Easy Series from time to time. Think of it as a cooking/baking class with a pro. It’s not just satisfying their taste buds but also their brains! Two of their most memorable and mouth-watering sessions – Hainanese Chicken Rice and No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake – gave Filipino Klookers ample room to explore their culinary skills and share their food preparation process in real time. That’s not all; their own Klook Cookbook is in the works!


Team Manila Cooking Made Easy

A great laugh at the Metaverse  


P&C Gather Town

For a big team like People & Culture, it can be challenging to come up with team-building ideas that could unite all members around the globe. So there came the ultimate idea: Gather Town.  

Divided into teams, participants first gathered at the “foyer” with an ice-breaker. Each team then rotated around four game stations every 15 minutes, partaking in games and activities like Typing Race, Act It Out, Staring Game, This or That, and Campfire Connection. These games didn’t come as default - they were painstakingly planned and rehearsed by the game-planning committee to ensure a seamless experience! This 1.5-hour virtual team-building activity served as a nice, cheerful segue into the weekend. 


Anything for our pets, even our work desks too



Pet lovers unite! We have an underground interest group where pet owners share pictures of their beloved companions (spot the turtle). Sometimes, these pets crave our attention so much that they settle into our work desk at home like it’s their throne or crash pad. Such a distraction from work but they make sure we have the occasional break from our screen, right? 😜 


'Speed Dating' with colleagues



Before you jump to a conclusion, nope, it’s not the speed dating you’re thinking of. It used to be called Mingle Lunch, which aimed to help Klookers increase their sense of belonging when working from home. Through Speed Dating, Klookers from Team Japan can chat about anything under the sun. Once 3 minutes is up, they get shuffled and matched with different partners. No matter their seniority levels or nature of work, bonding comes naturally for them! 



Another mingling activity Team Japan has weekly is Klook For Everyone. They can be found enjoying lunch together one week, doing a show-and-tell next week, and brainstorming marketing campaigns in the following week. When not attending classes, their two Marketing interns (psst, they’re the ones handling the @klookjp account on TikTok, go give them a follow if you’re interested in Japan travels) get to enjoy this inclusive bonding session too!

If you were a part of #TeamKlook, which remote team-building activities would you take part in? 

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