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Meet the team: Customer Experience Group (CEG)

Did you know #TeamKlook boasts more than 150 employees in the Customer Experience Group (CEG) alone? But they are not all Customer Experience Specialists, or what you may have referred to as customer support staff. Under this massive department, 7 teams work together like a well-oiled machine—they each serve different purposes and accomplish separate goals, but bind together to carry out one shared mission: enabling moments of joy for all customers!  

While we would've liked to cover every beloved team member in the group, we've picked out a few friends from the CEG to shed some light on their roles—namely the Customer Experience Trainer, Customer Experience Specialist, Customer Experience Team Leader, and Service Recovery & Resolution Team Leader. Let's dive in! 


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We welcome talents of all backgrounds to apply for the Customer Experience Specialist role, including fresh graduates! So it's natural that some of them may need more context to how we serve our customers.

Here's where our in-house trainers come in. Think of them as teachers. They guide these aspiring Customer Experience superstars through our workflows, system functions, tone of voice, and more. But of course, we're mindful of not making these 'students' feel like they're back in lecture rooms again. Hence our question for them is:


How do you help new CEG recruits feel welcomed and ready for the job?


Enoch Ng

Customer Experience Trainer II

Since we’re joy spreaders, why not make training joyful for the new hires too? Using a relaxed tone could lessen their stress, whereas playing energizer games could keep them excited and focused. As a result, they have better participation and performance!

To get them ready, having hands-on experience is essential to put what they’ve learned into practice, and it will gradually build up their confidence. Proactive questioning is also encouraged, as the more they ask, the more they learn!


Cheryl Ang

Customer Experience Trainer I

It's fairly simple for me as I go by 3 things - set the right expectations, provide guidance, and most importantly give them room to practice and make mistakes. This will greatly help to put them in the right headspace to complete their tasks. We’ve all been new hires and have felt lost in a new environment, but by applying this approach, I’ve gotten amazing feedback from my new hires on the support that they’ve received during training. At the end of the day, we strive to create brand ambassadors who are proud to be part of Klook.


Once our Customer Experience Specialists have graduated from on-the-job training, it's time for them to roll up their sleeves and solve customer inquiries! But are their roles just as simple as that? 


What’s a misperception or myth you hope to debunk about your role as a Customer Experience Specialist?


Yana Garbowska

Customer Experience Specialist II

Customer experience is a combination of many elements. It involves skillful workers, fast responses, an empathetic attitude, quality, convenience, reasonable prices, etc.

While many incorrectly consider customer service as an entry-level job, in today’s competitive business environment, customer experience is a company's opportunity to answer customer needs, help retain loyalty, and deliver customer satisfaction. And a company needs qualified service professionals that are vital for business growth.

We are the expert link between Klook and its customers, so professional qualifications matter.


Saruda D

Customer Experience Specialist II

To many people, the role of Customer Experience Specialist triggers the thought of getting yelled at, handling difficult customers, mundane tasks, and being patient - to name a few. Just like any other job, you get good days & bad ones, which often people only see the bad and fail to recognize the good. In my years of experience as a Customer Experience Specialist, I found this role has helped me develop my soft skills in managing people and understanding customer behavior, which would help to grow me in both my career and personal life. I get a sense of fulfillment & job satisfaction when customers are happy with our services and when they express their gratitude.


Behind each team of Customer Experience Specialists, there's a leader who steers them in the right direction and provides mentorship for their career milestones. Not everyone is born a leader. Even leaders are learning new lessons from time to time, sharpening the sword to push the team for success. 


What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from leading Customer Experience Specialists at Klook?


Manuel Sanz Monfort

Customer Experience Team Leader I 

As a team leader, one of the best lessons I have learned is the importance of active listening and communication. As someone who transmits company goals and motivates the team to achieve them, it is essential to give the team the opportunity to share their feedback and new proposals in order to make improvements and create a good working environment. The ability to solve problems, take responsibility, and have a passion for your work are also key qualities to do a good job as a team leader. 


Mun Toe Chai

Customer Experience Team Leader I

My journey with Klook has been thrilling and exciting (as expected). As a Customer Experience Team Leader, I need to act fast, and think fast, especially when emergencies arise. There were times when I didn't manage to allocate time for my team, but I'm blessed that my team members are all independent and can work with minimal supervision. The strength of the team is each individual member; the strength of each member is the team.


Our goal is to provide consistently great customer service. Yet there are times when unforeseen circumstances can occur, and it's normal for some of us to be taken aback by incidents that went out of control. We have a dedicated team of Service Recovery and Resolution members that think outside the box to resolve critical issues and collect data insights to find similar patterns so that these issues won't happen again.


What do you do as a Service Recovery & Resolution Team Leader?

Yangji Jeong

Service Recovery & Resolution Team Leader

My role mainly revolves around reviews, escalation, consumer council, and critical cases related to our team's daily work. Additionally, one of our main tasks is analyzing data and providing requested reports based on stakeholders' requirements in terms of review, compensation, etc. Based on our team’s data, we identify areas required to be improved to prevent receiving critical cases which may affect the company's reputation based on urgency.


Samantha Li

Service Recovery & Resolution Team Leader

Other than providing service recovery to our customers, we also think of long-term solutions to prevent issues from happening again in the future by digging deep into the root cause and gaining insights from data.

Klook provides a large variety of travel products to our customers, so anything could happen during the trip. Our agents need to think fast and smart to assist our customers when they encounter unpredictable situations. I help guide them in resolving issues promptly, accurately, courteously, and with utmost confidentiality.

"We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we trust, learn, and care for each other."

Want to make our customers' day extra joyful? 

Join our CEG Team


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