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Dear Gen Z, here’s why Klook is the ideal workplace for you

Dear Gen Z,

The year is 2023. You might have entered – or are entering – the workforce, gracing headlines with your innovation and unpredictability along the way. The oldest of you turns 26 this year (IKR!), in fact, you might know friends who are already leading teams and transformative projects in other startups and tech companies. 

You may be interested to know that Klook is quite a hot spot for Gen Zers like yourself. But why take our word for it? We’ve scouted three Gen Z Klookers – Jessica, Mook, and Nathaniel – to unpack what it means to be a young talent at Klook.  


Meet Jessica Zapata, a Product Content Editor based in Manila. She’s passionate about growing on the job and seeks out opportunities to improve her writing and nose for content. “Don’t we all want to master whatever it is that we’re passionate about?” she quips. It’s important to her that she builds a connection with her teammates and manager; this will make work life “not dull and awkward”. 


Meet Phatcharaporn Petsumrit (also known as Mook), a Business Development Associate based in Bangkok. Mook lives by the motto of “do your best and regret nothing”, believing that something good will always come out of hard work and effort. She’s up for taking risks and dreaming big - but at the same time “reminding myself I’m allowed to fail”. She values a workplace that “brings me joy and room to broaden my knowledge”, where she can grow at her own pace every day.    


Meet Nathaniel Kwan, a Customer Experience Specialist based in Taipei. Nathaniel is motivated by a job that “allows me to showcase my strengths, and gives me room to make mistakes, own up to them and learn from them.” He believes the workplace culture and environment should be enjoyable and has a positive impact on his efficiency and wellness. Fast growth is the name of the game - promotions and on-the-job training keep Nathaniel pushing boundaries and striving for the best. 


Are we a match?

We know you’re all about finding a company that aligns with your interests and values. If you’re passionate about travel (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), you may want to consider little ol’ Klook, you know that unicorn travel startup that’s making waves in Asia? 

At least for Jessica and Mook, that was what attracted them to join us in the first place. “I love the idea of going to different places, seeing different sights, experiencing different types of cultures, and hearing different languages,” says Jessica. That’s right, at Klook you’ll have the chance to work with international teams, all equipped with a “roll-up-your-sleeves and let’s-make-it-happen mindset,” shares Mook. 

“When doing my research, I learned that Klook respects and welcomes people of diverse backgrounds, which is a plus point for me. And of course, from a practical perspective, fair pay and benefits are incredibly important too. Klook’s remuneration package was ideal for me as compared to other companies,” says Nathaniel. 


What can you expect at Klook?

If you’re a fresh graduate, we have a lot in store for you to explore. Other than honing your pre-existing skills, you’re bound to expand your portfolio here. Still think that all a content writer does is just churn out piece after piece of content? It’s the opposite at Klook, at least that’s what Jessica can attest to, “I’m here applying what I know and I’m constantly learning not just writing but also other things like SEO, project management, time management, and a lot more.”

You might have heard of agility, but what is it like to be working in an agile workplace? “Like riding a roller coaster,” jokes Mook who deals with our merchants on a regular basis. She continues, “when a situation or market suddenly changes, I need to always be ready to go with the flow. I feel alive here with generous people surrounding me and excited about every opportunity that allows me to build up and strengthen my hard and soft skills.” 




Fresh ideas from you shouldn’t go unnoticed, especially in a world that revolves around innovation and creativity. To be in the leading position in the travel industry, we like to break the mold with bold ideas. “Even if you are junior-level here you are more than welcome to share your ideas. I can tell that our voices are heard here,” says Mook.

Meeting with a talented team across the world may be a little intimidating at first especially if you’re new. Mook has adapted to it and finds that it “always makes me eager to learn and motivates me to challenge the status quo to become the best of myself in my career. Klook allows me to take ownership of my work so I can learn the lesson behind its success or failure. We fail fast and learn faster.”


Do our core beliefs align with your values?

That necessary step you can’t miss before dropping us a resume has to be stalking our profile. Our mission, vision, employee benefits, etc. – well, pretty sure you’ve got the gist. At Klook, we Push boundaries, Ask for and give feedback, Take ownership and Help each other, which makes up our PATH core beliefs (psst, click this to see if you vibe with us).



Researching/stalking a company profile before dropping your resume is pretty much a given these days.

What’s so cool about our core beliefs is that they aren’t just applicable to your job, but also your daily life. Two months into his career at Klook, Nathaniel finds that our PATH core beliefs serve as an anchor for him in everything he does here. “All the things we learn from Klook, especially our way of carrying out certain tasks and solving problems, have benefited me in my personal and career growth.”

What a coincidence for Jessica, Mook and Nathaniel: they are in their first full-time jobs after graduation! And yet, they’ve gained some valuable insights that can help you decide if we’re a good fit. One thing’s for sure, they will carry all the things and principles absorbed at Klook with them when they decide to make a career pivot in the future.


Still hesitating whether you should join Klook or nah?


‘Success kid’ is asking you to yeet your worries away

We feel you – taking that first step is scary. But hear this from our Gen Z who have been in your shoes. “Just be yourself and show them what you can offer! Once we put our minds into something and take action, we patiently wait for results,” suggests Jessica whose advice is to treat interviews as conversations where recruiters try to get to know you. 

In fact, you’re not alone in having qualms about being rejected. Nathaniel reminisces about his application process, “Initially, I was worried that I wouldn’t receive a job offer from Klook, but in the end, I got in. Submit that application. Who knows you might gain something unexpected?” 

Why should you, as a Gen Z, apply to Klook then? Here’s a message from Mook, “If you’re looking for tons of opportunities to make an impact in a company or industry, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you gain work experience, but you’ll also share special moments with many people around the world – both Klookers and external parties – who speak your language. Here at Klook, you get to grow with the company.” 

Perhaps we’ll be colleagues someday? 

Your maybe next employer, 


Take a chance and swipe right on us 😉

Join the crew now


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