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My (Un)typical Day As A Content Writer, Hong Kong

When you ask a Klooker about their typical day at work, you’ve got a 100% chance they’ll answer something along the lines of “There’s no typical day here” or “Each day at Klook is different”. And while that’s true, it’s also soooooo unsatisfying if you’re trying to figure out if Klook is the right place for you! So in this series, Klookers take us along on one of their (un)typical days at work — no excuses.

Today, Aleksandra Milewicz, Content Writer at Klook, shows us what her day looks like, including some sneak peeks of our Hong Kong office.



I’m not an early bird so my alarm is set as late as possible for me to still get to work before 9:30. I grab a bowl of overnight oats from the fridge and catch up on the news and social media while I get ready. My family and most of my friends are in Europe (six hours behind Hong Kong) so I usually wake up to updates from them. 




I always prefer bus over metro, there is so much to see above ground


I hop on a double-decker bus to Central and immediately head to the top deck. I consider it an especially good day if I can get a seat at the front window. I listen to a podcast and people watch while the bus tilts precariously on sharp turns. It’s just a short 15-minute commute and I’m in the office. 




View from our office on the 21st floor


I start the day by checking the editorial calendar. I’m a Content Writer in the Employer Branding team — the employer branding part usually raises eyebrows. In short, we promote Klook not as a product but as an employer. Your typical branding or marketing function would focus on Klook customers but I try to reach potential job candidates and help them learn more about our company culture and the kind of work they can expect to do here. If you want to get a better idea of what I do, just look around! I wrote most words on this website. 

I also work on internal communications, making sure that global messages we put out to Klookers are timely, clear and have a consistent tone of voice. Sometimes this means writing rather serious emails about policy updates but other times it’s a lot of fun, like when I wrote about llamas for our global newsletter.




Hello there!


I have a 1:1 meeting with my manager, Marilyn. We brainstorm upcoming communications campaigns and the editorial calendar. Things at Klook change extremely fast and new projects pop up all the time, so Marilyn and I talk daily, either on a video call or through Slack.

Marilyn is based in Singapore and we’ve actually never met in person! I joined Klook right when the pandemic was starting and we haven’t gotten a chance to travel between Singapore and Hong Kong to meet each other in person yet. The remote setup has never been an issue for us working together, reinforcing my faith in remote teams. 

Psst, Marilyn penned this article on 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Applying For A Job In A Tech Company and it's a great read if you're still unsure about working in the tech industry. 




You're never far from a steaming bowl of dumpling noodle soup in Hong Kong


When I don’t bring my own lunch to work, I’m really spoiled for choice. There are thousands of restaurants in Hong Kong and some of the best ones are here in Central where we have our office. If can’t make up my mind (which happens a lot), my go-to spot is the Middle-Eastern takeaway restaurant or the dumpling soup shop.



I hop on a call to interview a colleague from our Legal team for the latest Meet the team article. The great thing about my role is that I get to speak to loads of people at Klook and learn all about their work, career journeys and the types of projects they work on. Like did you know the difference between working as a lawyer in-house and in a law firm? No? You can find out here!




Not a bad place to take a call


For the project groups I’m in, we tend to have meetings later in the afternoon to accommodate the time difference with our team members based in Europe. That works out quite well for me because I usually find it harder to do creative work towards the end of the day.

I’m in really exciting culture-building projects this quarter and I’m learning so much along the way. As someone who got into employer branding from a marketing background, I find it challenging but also really exciting to work on People & Culture projects and apply my skills in new ways. The great thing about Klook is that your job description doesn't limit you at all. If you’re interested in something outside your job scope, you can easily find ways to get involved and learn on the job.




I mean...


Now that fitness classes are allowed in Hong Kong again, I like to go to a yoga class after work (there are some great studios near the office). If I'm working from home, I usually go for a short walk along the promenade. I’ve lived in Hong Kong for a year and a half now but I never get bored of the views across Victoria Harbour... and I think you can see why! 


So that's my day as a Content Writer at Klook, thanks for tagging along!


What would your untypical day at Klook look like?

Find out



Posted by Aleksandra Milewicz, Content Writer Employer Branding 


Based in Hong Kong, Aleksandra Milewicz produces content for Klook's global employer branding and internal communications. Outside of work, she’s obsessing over other people's dogs, listening to tech podcasts and (over)planning her next adventure. 

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