Klook Voyage: reimagining Customer Experience training for the remote workspace

When we say Klook is an agile company, we don’t just mean that our tech team is agile. Step into a meeting room with our People & Culture, Marketing or Customer Experience teams, and you’ll find the same agile spirit: experiment, test, iterate. How do we advance innovation in non-tech fields? We chatted to our Customer Experience Training team to find out about their most recent optimization project, Klook Voyage e-learning, and how they made it happen. 

Introducing Klook Voyage

Klook Voyage is the newly-revamped e-learning for Customer Experience new joiners. Whenever a new cohort of Customer Experience agents comes to Klook, they need to complete this training before they start their daily duties as customer support. It was fully developed in-house by our talented Customer Experience Training team

Compared to our previous training program, Klook Voyage takes only half the time, requires three times fewer trainer resources (freeing up time to focus on other work) and packs in three times as many modules! That’s right: more modules and higher quality learning but shorter completion time. Our new Customer Experience agents can now complete the training fully remotely and start helping customers much sooner.

Customer Experience Training team

Charting new waters

When the team started the revamp, they approached the project as a blank canvas. What would be the most optimal structure and format, and how can we make it happen?

“We decided to structure the course from a new joiner’s perspective,” says Alvan Lau, Training & QA Manager. “What do they need to know on day one? What is the most foundational knowledge? We then moved on to more specific tools and information, like the specific systems and policies at Klook. Finally, we close it with soft skills that are essential to building relationships with customers. We organized all this information into a learning journey. This is what makes the Klook Voyage.”

After settling on the structure, it was time for the fun factor. The team wanted to take this opportunity to create something engaging and interactive, making the learning process enjoyable to our new Customer Experience agents. Did they succeed? Judge for yourself! 

The team made animation and graphics themselves: here's 80s video game theme

When the trainers become the trainees

Customer Experience Training created all the animations themselves. And no, none of them had a clue how to do that before they embarked on this project! “It was a big learning curve to film and edit the videos, add subtitles, and create animations. One person would learn a skill and then teach the rest of the team or create a template to make it scalable. We learn through exploring.”

Customer Experience Training signing out with their signature team animation

Creating the modules turned out to be a great opportunity to flex their creativity. Enoch Ng, Customer Experience Trainer I, tells us how you can see each trainer’s personality in the modules they created. There is a Lego theme, a Space theme. He himself explored the eighties video game aesthetic. “We’re doing our job but at the same time we get to incorporate our hobbies. This is what made this project so interesting and I think it will make the learning process more interesting as well.”

Keep innovating

“At Klook, we innovate, we push boundaries. And we apply the same spirit to training, we keep up with how the company and the world are changing,” says Enoch. 

Why is it so important to keep up? “I like to call what we do at Customer Experience the last mile of service,” adds Alvan. “By the time the customer gets to us, other teams have already done a great job in terms of signing the deals with merchants, marketing, making the booking possible and so on. But it’s the quality of customer service that decides if the customer will return to Klook or not. It’s a great responsibility.”

Innovate with us

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