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Meet the team: Customer Experience Training

Customer obsession is central to who we are at Klook. From the UX design of our platform to coming up with new products that bring customers joy in the pandemic, everything we do at Klook is about the people who use our app. The key part of this is, of course, our Customer Experience team — they go the extra mile to make every customer’s experience exceptional. We sat down with the Customer Experience Training team to learn more about their work and what keeps them motivated.

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Alvan Lau

Training & QA Manager, Kuala Lumpur

What attracted you to join Klook? 

I joined Klook in September 2019. I was attracted to the dynamic structure of Klook, the kind of culture where you can reach out to anyone in the company and all ideas are heard. 

As for the role specifically, I liked the challenge to structure and optimize the Customer Experience training and efficiency at Klook. I knew I would be given a lot of ownership and room for creativity here. 

What are your responsibilities within the team? 

I'm taking care of training for the Customer Experience team and overall customer service quality at Klook. In terms of training, we’re looking at the entire Customer Experience agent’s lifecycle: from the moment they join Klook, through every career milestone. We deliver consistent training and a very transparent career progression to ensure they can thrive here.

On the quality side, I ensure that my team maintains the quality standard set at hand so that everyone speaks the same voice to Klook customers.

What do you find most rewarding about your role? 

What I find most rewarding is when the team rallies behind a common goal and works together to achieve it. For example, the e-learning program we recently launched. It may have started as a one man’s vision but it soon became a one team vision or even Klook vision. To see your idea grow and have so much impact is very rewarding. 

I also love seeing the team get the due credit and recognition for all their hard work, they deserve it! 

Milo Tay

Customer Experience Trainer II, Kuala Lumpur

What attracted you to join Klook? 

I studied tourism management so I knew I wanted a career in the travel industry. I joined Klook Kuala Lumpur as the first Customer Experience agent in Malaysia! I quickly started building out the standard operating procedures to optimize my work and sharing this with my other colleagues to help them handle requests faster. Eventually, my manager offered me a role as a trainer and I accepted the challenge even though I didn’t have experience in that area.

What are your responsibilities within the team? 

The main responsibilities are project management and task distribution. For example, if there was a system update, the trainer takes the full responsibility to make sure all the agents received the message and to update the training materials.

What do you find most rewarding about your role? 

Knowledge, challenge, new skill sets. This is my first job so learning mattered a lot to me. Every day I come into work I feel I have a new problem to solve, a new way to contribute to the company. 

And I love my team. You never feel like you can’t speak to someone because they’re more senior than you, you all work together and learn together as one team. I never work alone. This is why I love this company so much.

Enoch Ng

Customer Experience Trainer I, Taipei

What attracted you to join Klook? 

I’m from Hong Kong but I studied in Taipei. After graduating from university, I worked in Marketing for some time but ultimately decided to try the customer service field. Klook Taipei happened to be looking for Cantonese speakers to join Customer Experience. So my first job was as a Customer Experience agent. After a year, I had a chance to join the training team and discover a new passion and show my abilities here. I’m grateful that we have these opportunities. For me, Klook is a place where you can achieve goals you didn’t even expect when you joined. 

What are your responsibilities within the team? 

I handle the training for new hires and refresher training for the existing Customer Experience agents. But since late 2020, we’ve also started tackling different projects, such as launching a brand new e-learning training program for new agents

What do you find most rewarding about your role? 

I get to work on things I'm actually interested in and enjoy doing. Even though last year was quite challenging, I still had a chance to explore new things and learn new skills. I’m grateful for a job like that.

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