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7 things we’re proud of on our 7th birthday

Another year went by in a blink of an eye! It still feels like yesterday when we shared tales from Klook’s first employees for our 6th birthday throwback. Our 7th year was full of unexpected twists and turns (thanks, COVID), but finding opportunities in crisis is our signature Klook skill. How did we do? Let’s just say there’s quite a bit to be proud of as we mark this new milestone.  


1. We closed series E funding round

Klook Series E Funding Round Virtual Party

In January this year, Klook closed US$200M in additional funding supported by new and existing shareholders. “The travel industry has undoubtedly been hit hard by the pandemic, but Klook has shown resilience and adaptability despite the market headwinds. We believe the transition toward digital bookings will only accelerate post Covid-19, and that Klook’s ability to reinvent itself as a one-stop-shop for experiences and services across the region puts it in prime position to capitalize on this trend,” said back then Hermes Li, CIO and founder of Aspex Management.


2. We launched Klook’s core beliefs: PATH

Path launching party in Klook Live!

Company culture happens, whether we intentionally build it or not. We decided it was time to make things official and articulate our core beliefs: to make sure we’re building the right culture that supports our vision and our people. 

PATH stands for Push Boundaries, Ask For and Give Feedback, Take Ownership and Help Each Other. These are the four key ingredients to who we are today and who we aspire to become tomorrow. It’s now also a part of the recruitment process so if you’re interested in Klook, make sure to research our About page!


3. We expanded Klook’s portfolio of offerings

Klook Staycation

You can book what on Klook?! With our pivot into domestic travel and leisure, we found a whole new runway of possibilities. From driving lessons in Japan to yoga with manta rays, we continued surprising and delighting customers with an ever-growing portfolio of products. Our innovation is paying off: we continue to see business flourishing in markets where COVID-19 is contained.

In Singapore and Hong Kong, themed staycations and clever products innovation kept the wanderlust alive. Meanwhile in Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and Australia, our car rental vertical saw rapid growth and promising success. “Unlike North America and Europe, Asia Pacific doesn’t have a clear market leader in the car rental sphere,” says Joey Jin, Senior BD Manager, Car Rental. “Given Klook’s strong user base in the region, this is a huge opportunity for us.”


4. We joined forces with partners to revitalize the industry

Henry Hooper from Klook, talking at the Australian Tourism Exchange 2021

Across the APAC region, we’ve joined forces with tourism boards, local authorities and partners to be at the very forefront of the travel recovery. In Australia, we found success in the Dine & Discover NSW program which saw over 20,000 bookings via Klook. In Singapore, Klook is one of the official booking partners for the Singapore Tourism Board’s SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers. We have proved ourselves as a reliable partner, bringing our innovation, creativity and passion to the table.

Read how we build relationships at Klook.


5. We supported merchants with new digital solutionsGoogle Things to Do Integration with Klook

Klook bridges the gap between customers, who are increasingly buying travel products online, and the travel operators, who are still predominantly offline. Through projects like the Google Things to do integration, we have been able to further digitize the travel industry. In the last twelve months, new digital solutions have empowered our merchant partners to grow their online businesses more efficiently and effectively.


6. We kept innovating for our customers

Behind the Scene of Klook Live!

We’re obsessed with delivering the best experience to our customers. And as their needs change, so does our platform. The latest version of Klook app brings inspiring content and promotions to the forefront. And our new search experience is targeted for exploration close to home, making it easier to discover the best products in your area. 

We still miss connecting with customers in real life but we found a way to engage and entertain them in this socially-distanced world. Our team has been nailing the Klook Live! Programs, creating more and more immersive experiences for the audience. See for yourself.  

7. We did it all as a team!

Google Meet Klook Team

Through all the change and uncertainty, Klookers always have each other's back. We achieved everything on this list because we worked together, valued different perspectives and supported each other. If you want to work with the most talented people in the industry, they’re right here. 


Want to shape the future of travel with us?

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