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My (un)typical day as an Illustrator, Hong Kong

When you ask a Klooker about their typical day at work, you’ve got a 100% chance they’ll answer something along the lines of “There’s no typical day here” or “Each day at Klook is different”. And while that’s true, it’s also soooooo unsatisfying if you’re trying to figure out if Klook is the right place for you! So in this series, Klookers take us along on one of their (un)typical days at work — no excuses.

Today, Alison Pong, Illustrator at Klook, shows us what her day working from home in Hong Kong looks like. 








I am a morning person so I usually get out of bed at this time. I do around 30 minutes of yoga right after I wake up, I use an app and just follow the guide!  






Lately, I have gotten obsessed with my bottle blender, so these few months working from home I have been making fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast. The recipe today is quite simple: a banana, a fraction of celery, some ginger and some fruit juice! My morning is long, so I have time to browse through Youtube and the internet to loosen myself up before work. 




At 10 AM, I start taking out my work laptop. I usually take a look at Asana (a project management software we use) and my email to check what projects I’m working on. 






Usually by this time, I will be full-on drawing. As an illustrator, I have a lot of different gear to draw digitally. For light drawing, I use an iPad which is so convenient it has really changed my life! For intense design and drawing, I use a drawing tablet plugged into my laptop. Today I am working on a draft for the Lunar New Year e-gift cards!






During work from home, I either order delivery or have a quick lunch with easy ingredients at home. Today I am eating a typical Hong Kong lunch with spam, soya sauce and egg on top of rice, which is one of my favourites.






After lunch, I usually check on the fish that I am taking care of in the pond of my apartment building. I looked after them since they were 1-2 inches long babies and now they are bigger than my hand! I’m glad they are doing well in the cold weather. Looking at them is like a kind of meditation for me! 






As a creative, I always have to come up with new ideas so sometimes when I draw I will do some research and get some references here and there online or with my books. Currently, I am taking a lot of inspiration from classic illustrator Norman Rockwell for composition and also illustrator Robert Hunter for colour usage. 






I usually have around 1-3 calls with my teammates each day. Our calls usually are discussions on directions of projects and work distribution. A huge shout out to my teammates Michelle and Pat, with who I work the closest, for willing to show their faces. For those who don’t know, the brand illustrations are actually drawn by Pat and Me! We try to keep our drawing style synchronized so the audience will think they are actually drawn with the same hand! 





Some more drawing and colouring…... and that’s how I end my day in Klook!

I am very lucky to be a full-time illustrator here in Klook, it’s quite a rare job in the world let alone in Hong Kong! A lot of people from the creative industry might think that working in-house can be boring, but here I am being given a lot of freedom and space to create challenges for myself. I got out of university thinking that I might never be able to draw for a living, and this is actually a dream come true for me.  


What would your untypical day at Klook look like?

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alison_icon.pngPosted by Alison Pong, Illustrator 

Based in Hong Kong, Alison is responsible for creating illustrations for designs and visuals of the company. Outside of work, she has a loud and weird laugh, and she’s obsessed with cookies, animals and watching documentaries.

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