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7 Exciting Jobs Available Right Now in Klook Singapore

Looking for a new career adventure that’s dynamic and out-of-the-ordinary? Klook Singapore might be the place for you. As the hub of our Southeast Asian market, you’ll be signing up for more than just a job - you’ll be in for a rollercoaster ride of opportunity and growth, to help millions of users and merchants around the world discover joyful experiences!

Here are 7 exciting positions available right now, waiting for your application!

Klook Singapore Office

The Singapore office is a melting pot of over 15 nationalities, with a central office in the heart of Raffles Place.


1. Data Analyst

Data helps businesses like Klook make measured and objective decisions. The problem is, with so much data available in the world, finding the most relevant data set is easier said than done. That’s why we’re on the lookout for a great data analyst who can help us translate raw data sets into easy-to-digest and relevant data stories, that will help Klookers make better business decisions.  

If you love handling data and presenting data in a format that’s easily understood by non-experts, the Data Analyst job might be for you! Of course, you’ll also need proficient skills in database management, and are friends with tools like SQL, Python, R, and Excel as you’ll be using them a lot. 


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2. Business Analyst

After all the relevant raw data has been sorted into business data, a Business Analyst will use these data sets to identify business opportunities that will help Klook move forward into new territories, or optimise current ones. It’s an impactful role that helps the company make actual strategic business decisions. Exciting, isn’t it?

Can’t imagine how it works? Well, here’s an example: before the pandemic, our business mainly circulated around attractions and activities. Using business data, our analysts discovered opportunities in the staycation sphere, tested it and we eventually added staycations to our catalogue of products. 


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3. SEM Associate Manager

As a discovery platform, it’s important that we direct a large amount of relevant traffic to our website and app. A customer journey often begins with search - think about it: when you’re not sure about something, do you ask Google or ask a friend? 

As a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Associate Manager, you’ll help Klook ensure we are investing in the right keywords that are being seen by the right customers. You’ll need a deep understanding of how search engines work, what keywords are being used for specific products, and how to effectively bid for ads online to ensure ROI on spend. 

If you love creating strategies on ad optimization, and are not afraid to experiment and test - this job is for you! 


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Klook Live Singapore

Tech, product, supply and marketing teams work together, resulting in exciting projects such as Klook Live!


4. Senior SEO Associate

If SEM is about paid search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about ensuring we appear on top of all search results organically (i.e. free!). To do that, an SEO Associate at Klook will work on managing relevant keywords on all our platforms, optimize metadata, coordinate with web engineers to optimize website performance and be top of the game when it comes to SEO best practices. 

One thing’s for sure: SEO is never-ending work! Algorithms may change as society changes, so an SEO expert must always be aware of the latest search engine trends and user behaviour. 


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5. Web Engineer

When our work in SEM and SEO pays off, we’ll see an influx of customers visiting the Klook platforms to discover joyful experiences. We want them to not only visit that one time, but to come back over and over again. We’ve learnt that having a reliable front-end system is one way for us to ensure return customers!  

As a Web Engineer at Klook, you create impact everyday by building and maintaining a high-performance platform that optimizes user experience for both first-time and return customers around the world. Starting in the Singapore tech team gives you that added advantage of hands-on ownership - you won’t just be a cog in the machine here! 

PS: We also have opportunities for Senior Web Engineers!


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6. Product Manager, Payments Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing the most enjoyable booking experience to our customers, and that includes ensuring payment options and processes are as smooth and secure as possible. 

As the title suggests, the Product Manager, Payments Solutions is responsible for managing the payment solutions we have on our Klook platforms. Besides onboarding new payment products, you’ll also be optimizing current solutions, identifying customer pain points, and building solutions to solve payment and fraud problems. Want to directly create impact on the booking experience? Then this role is tailor-made for you!


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Klook Hackathon 2020: The culture at Klook is all about creativity and innovation.

Klook Hackathon 2020: The culture at Klook is all about creativity and innovation.


7. Senior Penetration Testing Engineer

With our advanced front and back-end systems, a continuous influx of traffic and conversions - the last (but certainly not least) thing we take very seriously at Klook is Trust and Security. Customer and merchant trust in our platform is the key element that keeps our business going in this information society. 

As a Senior Penetration Testing Engineer, protecting Klook’s data and keeping our platform safe is your number one priority. You’ll be running security tests across different attack scenarios on different platforms, as well as staying on top of cybersecurity trends and identifying risks. 

If ensuring top-level cybersecurity is the name of your game, join us today! 


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