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#OfficeTour: Welcome to Kuala Lumpur

Starting a new job is very much like going on an adventure  — there are new people to meet and, of course, a new office to explore! Today we’ll bring you inside our Kuala Lumpur office, a sprawling 15,000 square feet office space with travel-themed interiors and a feel-good vibe. 

The Klook office is centrally located in KL Eco City, an integrated commercial hub dubbed as the “New Golden Triangle” of Kuala Lumpur. It has easy access to public transportation, giant malls and countless eateries. 

As one of our main Customer Experience hubs, the office is often buzzing with activity. If you work here, you can expect to make lasting friendships with Klookers from many different nationalities, and you might even pick up a new language or two! The office also houses core teams such as Business Development, Marketing, People & Culture, Finance and Legal.

Welcome to Klook Malaysia

If you’re coming in for an interview or meeting, the reception area will probably be the first place you encounter. Check in with our friendly Office Experience (OX) representative, and take a seat at any of the lounge seats while we notify your host. Paying homage to Malaysian heritage, the two-panel rattan wall takes center stage in the reception area. 



Creative spaces for learning and collaboration

On any given day, you’ll likely find a training session or a workshop in action. At Klook, the fast-paced environment means there’s new knowledge to be gained every day. We make sure everyone’s hunger for learning is satisfied with a comprehensive Learning & Development calendar. 



Casual discussions and syncs take place at the breakout areas  — designed to facilitate brainstorming, learning and teamwork. 



Open-plan work areas

The staff-only work areas are where both managers and team members sit together  — no one gets a private glass cubicle here  — to foster an open environment and cross-team collaboration. Pick a workspace you need, whether it’s at your desk or in one of the quiet corners. 



Work hard, play hard

Klookers can take a breather by playing video games, meditating in the recreation room or squeezing a quick work-out into their workday. No matter what relaxes you, we’ve got you covered. 



Keeping it fresh

There’s never a boring day in a Klook office. The OX team organizes monthly “Surprise Me” Fridays in the communal areas. Ice cream cart, fresh fruit or a fun workshop: you never know what to expect! The whole office also comes together once a quarter for a combined birthday celebration! 



In the spirit of travel

As a travel-technology company, we can’t disappoint you on the travel decor front. Schedule a meeting in the Rafflesia room, meditate with sea turtles or have lunch next to a polar bear  — we make sure the backdrop keeps your wanderlust alive. 



Does this look like an environment you can see yourself working in? 

Join #TeamKlook today!


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