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Company Culture Should Matter to Job Seekers, Here's Why

When you're considering joining a company, what aspects do you think about? We bet, most of you will answer salary, role or position, benefits, and also the reputation of the company. Did we guess right? 😉  But there's one important element that job seekers should definitely consider before joining any company: the culture. A company’s culture is the shared values and attitudes of the people in the company, from leadership to regular employees. It determines how colleagues interact with each other, the values they adhere to, and the methods used to reach goals. So why is company culture important?

Most people may think that company culture is secondary - “as long as I earn enough I can tolerate anything” - but in reality, the reason why company culture important is that it can can affect your career growth, as well as your overall wellbeing

When you join a company, you automatically sign up to their culture. If the culture does not suit your personality, you may start dreading going to work, struggle to do tasks or interact with others, and find more roadblocks in your way. For some, it could even affect their daily personal lives too! When that happens, you’d need to ask yourself - is it worth it?


How do I know if a company's culture is right for me?

A company's culture can determine how you work and interact with colleagues

A company's culture can determine how you work and interact with colleagues


Learning about a company’s culture should be part of your preparation for any interview. While there is no absolute way to be sure (except by taking a plunge and joining the company), there are a few ways for you to get informed and aware of what you’re getting yourself into: 

1. Ask friends working there (if any!)

If you have friends who already work at the company that you want to join, you can directly ask for their testimony. You can hear from them firsthand about what they like and dislike, as they have experienced the culture personally. Friends also wouldn’t have the tendency to “sugarcoat” reality, so you would likely get an objective perspective. 

Pro Tip: If you like what you hear, and can imagine being colleagues with your friend, you can also directly ask your friend for a referral! Most companies offer a referral program that will benefit both you and your friend. 


2. Learn about the industry

When you apply for a job in a company, learning about its industry (especially if you're crossing over from a different industry) is crucial. Find out about the stability and future of the industry, how the company is doing within that industry, and the nature of work to expect within that industry. For example, you can expect the culture in the technology industry to be starkly different from the financial industry.

Heads to Klook's Linkedin page to learn more about our company culture!

A company’s LinkedIn page will offer lots of cues about their culture and vision


3. Check the company’s website and social media

You can usually find a ton of information about the company’s culture on their About page, or careers website. At Klook, we use channels such as our Linkedin profile and careers blog to offer job seekers a peek into company culture. Find out what the company’s core values are, and what their policies are on things that matter to you (e.g. diversity & inclusion, wellness, corporate social responsibility etc.). 


4. Actively ask your recruiter and interviewer

If you manage to snag that valuable interview, use it to your advantage by asking all your burning questions from your recruiter and interviewer(s). Remember, an interview is as much your chance to find out if the company and team is right for you. The hiring manager (i.e your future boss) will be able to tell you what their management style is, team dynamics, their expectations of the role etc. 

In a company like Klook, we don’t only look at skills and experience. A candidate’s fit to company culture and team is equally important. In fact, when you get a call from our recruiter, that is the main thing they’re assessing you on. They’ll ask questions like “How comfortable are you with change?”, or “How are you like in a team?” - these will already give you an indication of the work culture. 

Interviews are a two-way process, and at the end of it you should also decide for yourself if this company is suitable for you. 

You can use interview sessions to ask all your burning questions about the company culture.

You can use interview sessions to ask all your burning questions about the culture.


So is Klook the right company for me?

You’re here on the Klook careers website reading this blog, so we’re going to assume you’re interested in learning more about us. 😉 Well, you’ve landed on the right page! 

As a global company that operates in multiple markets, it's not easy to pin down what Klook's company culture is. We embrace and celebrate our differences (being hyper-localized and relevant is important to us), but are united by PATH: our 4 core beliefs that drive the actions and interactions of Klookers on a daily basis. Read on to see if they resonate with you! 


PATH: Push Boundaries


Push Boundaries

If you’re an avid reader of the Klook blog, you’ll notice that Klookers are all about pushing boundaries. We aim high, take calculated risks, move fast and adjust faster to achieve our goals. Just like Mildred, who took the leap to lead the marketing team of Klook India, even if she came from a very different culture! That's one way to push boundaries: by not being afraid of change and taking steps outside of your comfort zone.

Despite the pandemic, we keep pushing boundaries by innovating and trying new things to make sure we're ready to run by the time borders open. We never stand still and embrace change - and if these stories inspire you, that's a sign that our values align!


PATH: Ask for and give feedback


Ask for and give feedback

The power of feedback is often underestimated, it’s also easier said than done! Being able to ask for and give feedback easily assumes that colleagues trust each other, respect each other’s opinions and are willing to improve together. 

At Klook, we’ve uncovered that feedback also helps us innovate and get better! It allows us to find aspects and perspectives that we may have missed, and even helps us discover new ideas we didn’t think of! If you’re someone who values feedback and are courageous to give others input, you may want to consider joining us!


PATH: Take Ownership


Take ownership

At Klook, you can expect to have flexibility and freedom to do your work. Managers and leaders also have autonomy to make decisions without going through hoops of hierarchy. We’re able to do so because we believe that Klookers will always make decisions in Klook’s best interests. It’s part and parcel of our culture - we take ownership of our work, of our teams, of the company, no matter our position. 

In fact, the term "mini CEO" is gaining popularity among Klookers, because we are always urged to think “What would I do if this was my company?”; just like a CEO, we take the lead when we see an opportunity. In short, you can't be passive and just wait for instructions if you want to be a Klooker!


PATH: Help each other


Help each other

If you want to make it fast, you can walk alone. But if you want to make it far, we must run and win as a team. At Klook, we believe that the only sustainable way to reach our goals is by working together as a team. 

As a global company, collaboration is key, and it’s also unavoidable. You will have to work with colleagues from all walks of life, from all over the world, from many different teams. Respecting each other and making the workplace an inclusive one, is the responsibility of all Klookers. 


So you've learned about why is company culture important and also Klook's culture and our core beliefs. Now it's time for you to ask yourself: “Does the Klook Culture fit me”? If your answer is yes, then we look forward to your application. 😃  


Let’s build the future of travel together! 

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