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Klook recruiter answers the questions on all applicants' minds

If you’re thinking about applying for a role at Klook, you probably have a couple of questions. We sat down with one of the Klookers who can answer them best: Gwynna Ho, Talent Acquisition Advisor who’s looking after several functions in our Southeast Asia markets. From tips for applying to how Klook is doing in the pandemic, Gwynna answers candidates’ most common questions. 


What roles are you recruiting for here at Klook?

I’m recruiting for roles in Southeast Asia across several different functions. Currently, I have open roles in our Analytics team as well as Marketing, Content Operations and Business Development just to name a few. We also have quite a few vacancies in Technology & Engineering in Singapore.


Can you tell me more about the Singapore tech team?

We’re just starting out with the tech team in Singapore so it’s a really exciting opportunity to pioneer the new technology teams that we’re setting up here. We’re looking for people with a growth mindset, who will build the team and set the tone for how they work, collaborate and innovate. This comes back to our culture here at Klook. We are an agile company so the environment is perfect for someone who has a lot of ideas for growth and is keen to change things up to see what works best. 


hack_everyone.jpgOur Technology & Engineering team celebrating a great round of hacks at Klook Hackathon 2020 


Even though the team is based in Singapore, most tech roles support global projects and initiatives and will be working with teams across the world. Candidates can also expect to work closely with our colleagues in the Shenzhen tech hub so a good command of Mandarin would be a useful skill. 


Learn more about Singapore tech team


What does the recruitment process at Klook look like?

After the phone screen with the recruiter, the candidate will have an interview with the hiring manager. Next are interviews with stakeholders who are usually employees that the candidate will work closely with, for example for a Web Engineer role you may have the interview with someone from the Product team. These interviews are less focused on your technical skills and more on finding people who will thrive at Klook and help their team succeed. 

Depending on the role, there may be a skills assessment (for example, coding for some tech jobs) either before or after the hiring manager interview. 


What can I do to really stand out in the phone screen?

Something that I’m always looking for is a compelling answer to the question: Why Klook? Why are you applying for a role with us? It’s easy to tell genuine interest in the business from simply having a vague knowledge of our brand. 


Klook_Live!_pr_material.jpgIf you want to stay up to date on our proudest projects and initiatives, follow us on LinkedIn or sign up for the Talent Network Newsletter. We'll keep you in the loop!


Of course, the “why” will be different for different roles. For tech, the candidate might tell me why they’re impressed with our app. I recently spoke to a candidate who appreciated how fast we ramped up our payments system for the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers scheme for which Klook is an official booking partner. I was impressed that this candidate knew a lot about how our platform works and had been following the developments of that campaign. 


How can I prepare for my interview at Klook?


18_Bean-Buro_Workplace_Klook_Photos.jpgThere is more to tech startups than flashy offices. Find out if our culture is right for you


For any role, you’ll be assessed on culture fit by the hiring team. So a great place to start is reading up more on who we are as a company and how we work together. First of all, to understand if this is the place you see yourself working. The fast pace and constant changes are not for everyone and that’s absolutely ok! 

Make sure to prepare examples of how you embody our culture in professional life: do you actively step outside your comfort zone, are you able to see change as an opportunity, do you have the courage to take the lead on projects, do you use feedback to grow? These are some of the things we’d love to see. 

If your interview is online, we've got all kinds of tips and tricks on how to make it a success.


How is Klook doing in the pandemic?

This is a really common question our job candidates have which I understand. I always tell them the truth: the beginning of 2020 was a difficult time with lots of uncertainty. But that’s where the opportunity to innovate also came up. In fact, we rolled out a number of new initiatives and products in 2020: from the F&B team in Singapore launching food deliveries when restaurants were closed to building our own in-app live streaming feature, Klook Live! Our team came together across functions to adapt to the new reality and deliver the best for our customers, regardless of the circumstances. 


Screenshot_2021-01-26_at_6.31.17_PM.jpgHappy faces! Virtual cheers to celebrate Klook closing an additional round of funding


Being a startup that really prides itself on its agility, we were able to pivot really fast to domestic leisure and travel. But of course, we have really strong roots in international travel. When the borders open up again, everyone will be itching to travel again (I know I will!) so I think we will see a real boost in cross-border travel. But the difference this time is that we will have many great lifestyle products and services on our platform as well. 

And importantly, we remain well-funded. Klook just closed an additional round of funding raising $200 million. That was a great start to the year!  


How can I reach you?

For anyone interested in working at Klook, you can connect with me on LinkedIn or approach any of our friendly Talent Acquisition team members. If we don't have the right vacancy for you at the moment, join our Talent Network to hear about new job opportunities and stay up to date on all things Klook!


Psst, have more questions about applying for a role? Read our careers FAQs here. 


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