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Meet the team: ANZ Marketing

Have you ever wondered who the creative minds behind Klook ANZ's engaging campaigns and content are?

At the heart of Klook's marketing is a dynamic, tight-knit and passionate team. We sat down with all the members of the Klook ANZ Marketing Team to chat about their journey at Klook and the things they love! 

Diana - Associate Director, ANZ Marketing  

Diana at the Berlin Wall

A passionate Klooker, Diana was the first to join the Klook ANZ team in October 2018 and has seen the company rapidly grow across her markets. Travel is in Diana’s blood, having worked at trivago for four years in a market strategy role before moving to Klook.

Her favourite marketing channel is partnerships - she loves working on win-win models with like-minded partners (tourism boards, other travel players, and millennial-focused brands) to differentiate Klook from just buying media on Google and Facebook. When she’s not travelling, you may find Diana bushwalking, re-learning piano or reading The Economist. 

Jane - Partnerships and Affiliates Marketing Manager

Jane in the Hunter Valley

Jane joined Klook in late 2019 and looks after the partnerships and affiliate marketing channel. She comes from an agency/network background dealing with fussy retail brand clients, so Klook was a whole new world for her and the best thing ever in her eyes. She experienced a couple months of travel boom bliss before the world decided to cave in on itself.

Melbourne is probably her favourite domestic destination due to its food culture and street life (and because she is a basic millennial). International destination-wise, every corner of East Asia will always remain close to her heart, although only to travel to and never permanently settle. When she's not solo traveling around Asia or making nice with partners and affiliates, you'll find her sequestered in some corner of the room doodling on an iPad and trying to comprehend NFTs.

Annabelle - Graphic Designer

Annabelle in China

Annabelle joined Klook in the middle of 2021 just as Australia and New Zealand headed into lockdown. Working remotely from Auckland, she’s the graphic designer for ANZ, providing insight into the Kiwi way of life and travel, as well as ensuring all designs cater to the ANZ market. Like most Kiwi’s she grew up with a curious mind, and independence like no other with a need to experience different cultures, meet new people and try all the food in the world to truly feel alive.

Working as a bartender/waitress, she managed to fund yearly trips overseas while studying, a few of them being Japan, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic and Taiwan. She even had a 3-month stint of living in Zhuhai, China. When Annabelle is not spending time romanticising her future life and manifesting the dream of renovating a chateau in the south of France, she's knitting herself a jumper or two, finding new hobbies or spending far too long decorating birthday cakes.

Bridie - Social Media Marketing Associate

Bridie in Greece

Bridie joined Klook smack bang in the middle of the pandemic (early 2021), so if that doesn’t show she’s passionate about travel we don’t know what will! At Klook she manages the social media accounts and can be found most days in a meme spiral, finding inspo and creating terribly photoshopped memes to bring the Klook Facebook account to life, or wanderlusting after travel inspo and our own activities on Instagram to share with our millennial audience.

Practicing what she preaches, Bridie has lived and worked overseas for over 3 years in the ski fields Whistler, CA and also made a mean cocktail in bars in London, UK. As an avid solo tripper, Bridie has also explored Japan, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Scotland, Ireland, and Greece and can’t wait to travel through South East Asia once borders allow.

Catherine - Influencer Marketing Associate 

Catherine in Japan

Catherine recently joined Klook ANZ’s team to oversee the Klook Travel Tribe - a directory of over 250 influencers and key opinion leaders across Australia and New Zealand! Being a content creator herself, she’s what the team calls a ‘social media expert’. She works closely with merchants and influencers to schedule famils, to capture great content, generate exposure on social channels like Instagram and TikTok - all to help drum bookings for merchants.

When Catherine isn’t working, she’s streaming games on Twitch, playing oztag, or out-and-about eating good food with friends. Of course, like the other Klookers, Catherine is passionate about all things travel, having explored Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and Singapore. You bet that once borders open, Catherine will be one of the first to book a flight!  

Hannah - Public Relations and Content Marketing Associate

Hannah in Miami

Hannah is one of the newest additions to the Klook team and focuses on content and PR. Simply put, she is Klook’s hype-woman. Her love of creativity and adventure brought her to Klook. Although she calls Sydney home, she’s also lived in Ann Arbor and has travelled around the US, South Pacific, Asia and Australia.

One of her favourite travel memories was a trip to Chi(lly)-town (Chicago) in 2020 which she describes as a freezing adventure full of mishaps, snow, laughter and deep-dish pizza. The next stop on her travel bucket list is to travel around Europe to visit her friends and immerse herself in the food and music. In her free time, she enjoys a quiet nap at the beach or a rowdy night out catching her favourite bands at gigs.   

Presley - Brand Partnerships and Content Marketing Associate

Presley at Manly Beach

A new addition to the Klook ANZ team, Presley looks after the ANZ TikTok/Video and spearheads brand partnerships. Coming from a background of videography and content creation, this role is the perfect blend of both comfort and stepping into uncharted territory. Presley's favourite domestic destination is Cairns. There’s nothing better than going completely offline, swimming in natural pools and waterfalls (granted there are no crocs) and hiking in the rainforest.

His most fond memory overseas is Hawaii. He loves that the island is rich in culture/diversity, has world-class beaches, amazing food and equally amazing people. There’s definitely a second visit in the foreseeable future. When he’s not dreaming about going back to Hawaii, Presley is most likely banging his head to music, lifting weights, or both!

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