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Following your passion at Klook: a glimpse into Hong Kong Business Development

At Klook, the Business Development (BD) team plays a vital role in generating revenue and expanding our business. They build relationships with merchant partners, manage accounts to help our merchants boost sales, negotiate the best deals for our customers, and much more. In short, there would be no products to book on our app if it wasn’t for our talented BD team! 


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Impact and projects 

If you’re in Hong Kong, you've probably been on least one staycation in the last 18 months. And chances are you booked it on Klook. But the staycation vertical is a relatively new addition to our portfolio. Less than two years ago, staycations were completely uncharted territory for a company that’s known for tours, attractions and activities, not accommodation. 

How did we go from that to building a powerful staycation vertical? Building trust was key. The Hong Kong BD team took the time to understand the situation of hotels in Hong Kong and worked hand in hand with them to survive the pandemic. It was less about decks and proposals, and more about having a real connection and camaraderie.

This approach has allowed us to go from scratch to dominating the market real fast. But we didn’t stop there.


Always mixing it up! Our first character themed staycation was a hit!


Always keep looking

In the spirit of Push Boundaries, the team kept looking for more impact. “We are not bound by any limits here,” says Ivan Hung, Senior Manager, Business Development. “In some companies, you may have your job scope and stick to that. But at Klook, anyone can have an idea that will change the company. That’s the beauty of Klook”. 

The team started experimenting with monthly flash sales on staycations. Then weekly sales. Finally, Daily Crazy Deals in June. We’re talking exclusive 99% off deals on top staycations for 30 days straight! 


For Daily Crazy Deals, we partnered with Jeremy and Edan from a popular boy band Mirror


“When you work at Klook, you have to believe you can change the market,” says Ivan. Klook changed the spending habits in Hong Kong with staycations. And we did it again with crazy deals. No idea is too crazy. 

“When we know it’s a great idea and it’s going to help us win the market, we go for it.”


Career growth at Klook

In a fast-paced environment, everything happens a lot quicker. This goes for career growth as well. Ivan started out at Klook’s Food & Beverage (F&B) team. Even though he had no prior experience in working with hotels, he took up the challenge in spring 2020 to help build the staycation vertical. 


Ivan started out in the F&B team but he took up the challenge to join our pioneer staycation team


Just because you started at Klook in one role, doesn’t mean you have to stay in this role forever. The market situation is changing constantly, Klook is developing new verticals, trying out things. Keep your eyes open and don’t underestimate your skills! The ideas come from everyone at Klook: no matter your role or seniority.

“We don’t have a strong hierarchy in the company. We are all open-minded, we listen to ideas and suggestions, and the best idea wins,” says Ivan. If you have good ideas and you can take ownership to see them through, you’re going to grow your career fast.


Join our Hong Kong Business Development team

Our Hong Kong BD team is hiring and they’re looking for people with passion, first and foremost. If you love chasing new goals and you're truly passionate about having the most impact, you’re going to have a lot of fun here!


Business Development Manager, Spa

Business Development Consultant, Spa and Beauty (Contractor)

Manager, Business Development


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