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Cary Shek, VP People & Culture, on work-life balance as a working parent

Earlier this year, our friends at Happyer visited Klook Hong Kong office to interview Cary Shek, Klook’s Vice President People & Culture. We stuck around to listen in and capture some behind-the-scenes footage for you. 

Tune in to the Happyer Work, Happyer Life podcast to listen to the full interview with Cary or read the excerpts down below. 

What is Klook’s company culture? 

At Klook, we promote the growth and ownership culture, across all levels. We empower our people to make decisions, learn from mistakes, grab opportunities at the right time. It is critical for us to disrupt the industry so that we can move fast ahead as a market leader. 

At the same time, we promote feedback and recognition culture. As we grow so fast, it is very important for us to celebrate milestones and recognize achievements so we can move forward together as a company, regardless of the circumstances. 

Cary and Happyer Work, Happyer Life host, Thomas Huang


How does Klook align with your personal values? 

First of all, the ownership spirit is something very critical and close to my heart. Everyone here is like a mini CEO, regardless of their seniority. We make the right decisions for the company. 

At the same time, we’re very ambitious, we aim high. We never settle for less. That is the spirit that I have in my own [career] journey. 

Cary sharing one of her favourite working nooks in the Hong Kong office.


You have two kids at home. How have you been managing the work from home as a parent?

I don’t want to paint a very rosy picture here. It is tough. Kids in Hong Kong haven’t been going to school for a period of time so it’s important that they burn their energy, even though they’re locked at home. 

At the same time, as a working mum, you need to be understanding. They’re just kids so, of course, they want to get your attention, they want you to stay with them. Sometimes I will bring them along to my calls. And for the older one, I share with him what I’m working on so he can have a better understanding “oh, this is actually something very important”. I’m still trying all the different ways to strike a good balance. 


Cary shares how she balances her career and being a parent


How do you get them to burn off their energy at home? 

At the beginning of the outbreak, we had a brainstorming session together! So mapped out on the wall what kind of activities, apart from screen time, we could do. We listed out more than 30 activities. And this was our “agreement” that we have all these options for them to enjoy their time at home. 


Do you have any other advice for working parents seeking work-life balance? 

I would suggest to really make time for yourself. Sometimes we have parental guilt when we take time out for ourselves. However, making quality time for yourself, taking good care of yourself is going to benefit your kids, your partner and the people surrounding you. 

Do something you like, go out for a run, pamper yourself with a massage or just have dinner with friends. It’s totally fine. You deserve it. 


Want to hear the full interview with Cary?

Tune in here

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