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My (Un)typical Day As An Assistant Business Development Manager, Sydney

When you ask a Klooker about their typical day at work, you’ve got a 100% chance they’ll answer something along the lines of “There’s no typical day here” or “Each day at Klook is different”. And while that’s true, it’s also soooooo unsatisfying if you’re trying to figure out if Klook is the right place for you! So in this series, Klookers take us along on one of their (un)typical days at work — no excuses.

Today, Ashleigh McEwen lets us take a sneak peek into her day in the Business Development team. 




Walk_to_get_coffee_from_home.JPGMorning walk to get some coffee


I don’t usually like getting up too early in the morning. However, the weather is warming up and the sun is rising earlier now that we’re heading into summer so I’m trying to! At the moment I try to get up for a gym class at 7 AM or head out the door for an hour walk through Paddington and Darlinghurst or coffee in Surry Hills to start the day.



Walk_to_work.jpgMy walk to the office


I get ready for work (walk-in or prepare to work from home). Depending on the day of the week, I’ve been trying to mix up my week between work from home and heading into the office. During Covid, I’ve found a gym class I love on a Monday and Friday during lunch by my house so I usually try to break up my day by heading there.



WeWork_Coffee.jpgFirst order of business!


Coffee time! If I’m in the office, I’ll head straight to one of the communal areas to grab myself a coffee so I’m ready for the day. First 30 minutes of the day I’ll run my eyes over my emails and check my messages for anything that’s come through since I signed off yesterday. This time helps me to assess what’s urgent and set myself up for the day.


I usually try to use the first part of the day to get to urgent emails before I get started on any larger tasks that might take up a larger chunk of the day.





Time to kick start the day. Here at Klook, I’m an Assistant Business Development Manager looking after New South Wales, parts of Queensland and Tasmania. Given they’re all quite different, I try to choose one region to focus on at a time. Recently I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on New South Wales as we’ve just rolled out a joint marketing campaign with Destination NSW. 

The next few hours would consist of partner meetings or phone calls with new and existing merchant partners to discuss working with Klook, ways in which we can optimize product listings to increase conversion (turn those lookers into bookers!) as well as working with our Marketing team on influencer marketing and promotional offers.

Some of the newly onboarded product I’ve been working on include Bottomless Brunch at Terrace on the Domain and working closely with the wineries in the Hunter Valley.



WeWork_Level_4_communal_coffee_and_lunch_spot.jpgOur co-working space in Sydney


I have lunch or head outside for a walk. Our office is on George Street so I’ll usually end up wandering around the shops.


Team meeting! We’ve got a team that spans across Sydney, Queenstown and Shenzhen so we all dial in to chat about projects we’re working on and to check in with our Marketing team to hear about the exciting campaigns they’re working on and how we can help to support them.






Now that restrictions are starting to lift here, it’s exciting to see operators reopening or those that took time to do a refurbishment now coming to the end of their renovations. I’ve had a few exciting opportunities recently where I’ve been able to head out for meetings on-site and had a behind-the-scenes look into what they’ve been working on. An example of this would be a visit to the Australian Museum before they opened or being invited to the newly launched musical, PIPPIN.




A very different day could be one where I’m actually in a destination for the full day, like the Hunter Valley where I’ve spent quite a lot of time recently working on partnerships with wineries. As part of this project, we created the largest QR code made entirely out of wine glasses!


We’ve got a great team here in Sydney so this means that when there’s something to celebrate we’ll celebrate together. Our co-working space has beer on tap (for those beer lovers!) and other drinks available for those that might like something else.



What would your untypical day at Klook look like?

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ashleigh_blob.pngPosted by Ashleigh McEwen, Assistant Business Development Manager

Ashleigh is based in Sydney, Australia in Klook's Business Development team looking after NSW, Tasmania and North Queensland. Outside of work she enjoys spending time exploring Sydney with friends and family, heading to the gym, trying new cafes, restaurants or bars (like the new bagel shop and French patisserie down the road!). Her current challenge is to hit 10k steps a day - to help burn off all the treats!

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