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Klook Workcation Journals

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Our Brand Marketing Associate (and animal enthusiast) Sindoori S ticked off her bucket list item of getting up close and personal with animals in the Land Down Under. Here's a throwback to her 2-week Workcation in Perth and Sydney:

"My most memorable moment was my ‘work from farm’ day. I alternated between working and playing with cute animals at a farm in Perth. Taking a selfie with the quokkas is a must-do when visiting Rottnest Island in Perth, so I seized the chance while I was there! During my stint in Sydney, I visited its Opera House and Bondi Beach, rode the hop-on hop-off bus in the Blue Mountains, and my most favorite of all, experienced whale-watching off Sydney's beautiful shores.

Thankfully, some of these were covered by Klook's Workcation subsidy! Although we’re no strangers to remote work after the COVID-19 pandemic, it was amazing to work in a new environment and meet my friendly ANZ colleagues along the way. A huge shoutout to #TeamANZ for their fantastic cafe recommendations!" 

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Mila Logan, Senior Associate, HRIS & Reporting from our Malaysia office went on a workcation to visit her colleagues in Singapore, and here's her account: 

"Although it was not my first time in the island country, I was still amazed by its efficient transportation system. I had no trouble getting to places, so traveling around Singapore was a breeze. One thing that left quite an impression on me was a sign that said 'No talking' on public transport. This rule was introduced during the pandemic to prevent the spread of droplets, and passengers really abided by the rule. 

Aside from working with my colleagues in the office (which, by the way, a massive thanks to my teammates who organized a lovely surprise celebration for me), I also hung out with them at the beach in Sentosa and Universal Studios. Using the Workcation subsidy, I bought tickets on the Klook app to catch the mesmerizing Wings of Time show. My photos don't do it justice, but I absolutely recommend the show to those enthusiastic about the arts and visual experiences."

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