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My (un)typical day as Senior Manager Business Development, Singapore

When you ask a Klooker about their typical day at work, you’ve got a 100% chance they’ll answer something along the lines of “There’s no typical day here” or “Each day at Klook is different”. And while that’s true, it’s also soooooo unsatisfying if you’re trying to figure out if Klook is the right place for you! So in this series, Klookers take us along on one of their (un)typical days at work — no excuses.

Today, Joei Phua, Senior Manager Business Development at Klook, talks us through a typical workday in Singapore... 




Good morning, everyone! Rise and shine. I start off my day by taking my goldie, BeBe, down for her toilet break, feeding her, before making my way to our new Klook office at WeWork Raffles Place! 




My commute to the office is by the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). It is usually a 30-min journey to work. Not the most exciting but I do take this time to listen to my favorite songs and reflect on the things I have to do when I reach the office. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I can get a seat on the train.




Currently, we are on a Team A/Team B office rotation due to the Covid-19 situation, as there are regulations that there cannot be more than 50% of the employees in the office at one time. For the Business Development team, we are usually in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays for some face-to-face time. My workspace in the office currently overlooks our beautiful Singapore River and some parts of the Singapore city skyline!  



And usually on Wednesdays through Fridays, I will be working from home, and… this cutie pie will be my companion through the day!





The day starts with looking through my entire email box, “starring” the important emails and curating my To-Do List for the day. Once a week, we will have a team meeting, where we will sit down and discuss our results, how far away we are from our monthly goal, upcoming campaigns, any roadblocks. We also share ideas and strategies to conquer the market.

Generally, our role in Business Development is to ensure that we bring in the best supply for our platform and drive more business for our partners. I am the Stay and Dine lead, hence my role is to ensure that the team and myself bring in exclusive hotel or Food & Beverage packages. The team gets along well with each other, and we are never shy to just bounce off any ideas we have and provide suggestions or feedback to make things happen.




11 AM is usually the prime time for calls with new and existing partners. We will prospect for new partners, sharing with them about Klook. For existing partners, we will discuss improvement pointers to achieve better results, clarify any queries, or even just a simple catch-up. Here’s a video call selfie with one of our key Singapore F&B merchants, Ronald from LiHO TEA.





If you have noticed, I am not so much of a breakfast person and will prefer to have an early lunch. My favorite lunch menu, as verified by my lovely colleagues, is our local Chicken Rice, from The Arcade, a retail and office tower right beside ours. The store is small and cozy, and the food is really delicious and affordable!



After the main course, I will more often than not get myself some tasty fruits. One of my go-to is honey pineapples with sour plum powder.




Back to work! Usually to clear my email inbox and complete any administrative work. I use this time to work on strategies and check that we are on track with our upcoming projects. 





Now here’s the fun part. Besides sticking to our desks all day, we sometimes get invited by our partners to attend media previews. Recently, I had the chance to have a sneak peek at one of the new launches at S.E.A Aquarium and Universal Studios Singapore!






Other days, I will be a model for our marketing shoots at some of our hotel merchants' locations. Besides being a model, it is also a good chance to get to meet hotel partners we are liaising with face to face. Once again, as a Business Development professional, I will seize any opportunity to seed interesting ideas to our partners. This is how some of our special, interesting and exclusive collaborations are born — such as the Miffy Merchandise + Hotel Stay. That package really sold like hotcakes!


My 30 seconds of fame in a Klook marketing video





Though the Stay & Dine team Singapore is based in Singapore, our Stay & Dine headquarters are based in Hong Kong. We do communicate almost on a daily basis via Slack or Google Hangouts to get quick updates on the progress of our upcoming product or tech launches. We work with colleagues from many departments and they could be based anywhere in the world, such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Manila, Kuala Lumpur... the list goes on!





It’s Beer-o’Clock! Our new WeWork office provides us with specially selected craft beer from 5-7 PM daily to quench our thirst. This week, they brought in the Liang Teh Lager. I do take this as a good time to mingle with the Singapore Klookers (in a very small and approved by government group number), and catch up with each other’s lives!


Time to go home! I will make my way home, grab a quick dinner and be a couch potato the rest of the night watching “The Office” or the latest Korean Drama till it is time for bed.



Except for some nights... like when I was chosen to host one of our Klook Live! programs. I had so much fun with this livestream, and I even got to taste this super juicy and delicious Crab Leg you see in this screengrab! 


What would your untypical day at Klook look like?

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Joei.pngPosted by Joei Phua, Senior Manager Business Development

Joei started at Klook in sunny island Singapore three years ago and is currently overseeing the Singapore Stay & Dine Business Development team. She enjoys her daily dosage of beer, mamee monster (a local snack), chicken rice, and sit-coms, has uncontrollable laughter and can be really random at times. Her favorite past-time is reading memes and chillin’ in front of the TV with her doggo. She also likes Tomorrowland because she can put her hands up in the air.

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