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My (un)typical day as a Marketing Manager, Partnerships, Ho Chi Minh

Over 1,400 days with Klook and counting, I have had absolutely 0 typical days so far. Each day, I have new challenges which drive me and the team to grow steadily.


I normally kick off my morning routine by swimming about 40 laps (2 kilometers). I think swimming not only helps your physical health but also the mental health. Especially after swimming, I often have new ideas or decide on one big thing of the day that I need to complete.

7:30 - 8:30 

This is a short but sweet time with my family in the morning! Taking our two kids to school and having breakfast with my beloved wife.

Breakfast time with my wife

9:00 - 15:00

My role at Klook is quite diverse. I’m mainly in charge of all kinds of partnerships and digital marketing in Vietnam by forming strategic partnerships, driving growth through co-marketing campaigns and looking after the digital marketing initiatives.

As I also work with many departments internally, my schedule is normally packed with back-to-back external and internal meetings. I personally prefer to have face-to-face meetings and thankfully our government has been controlling the pandemic very well so we still have a chance to meet with our partners and our team regularly to strengthen our relationships. 

The most rewarding part of my role is that I’m able to see the growth of both Klook and our partners and the value that Klook has brought to our customers to make their trip always memorable and seamless.


Today we are going to host a livestream to capture the high demand of the upcoming holiday season and offer some of the best deals of the month for our customers.

The team has been preparing this livestream over the course of 10 days from pitching ideas to merchants to gain the best deals, preparing the production setup (decorations, costumes, script, talents, etc.) and organizing a yummy snack before go-live :)


Finally, we accomplished an awesome livestream which makes this day extra special. It might be an hour-long livestream but for us, this is the 3,600 seconds that our hearts beat at the same rate and our minds are laser focused on only one goal: to push boundaries and make this day the best one we’ve had so far! 

I remembered Michael Jordan sharing that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. Yes! Our team is always my champion.

What would your untypical day at Klook look like?

Find out

dang_blob.pngPosted by Dang Nguyen, Marketing Manager - Partnerships

Dang joined Klook in 2017 and has been making an impact ever since. As Marketing Manager, Partnerships in Ho Chi Minh, he looks after digital marketing campaigns and builds strong relationships with our partners to bring even more joy to Klook users in Vietnam. 

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