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A Glimpse Into Our Wellness Month at Klook

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to promoting wellness at Klook. Globally, we held wellness webinars for Klookers worldwide, including a discussion on ‘Building Resilience and Beating Burnout’, a spine health awareness workshop, and a webinar on ‘Mindfulness at the Workplace’. But… something’s still missing in this: face-to-face connection. 

To connect Klookers in person, each office came up with a special wellness activity for their team. Strap yourself in - come tour with us from one office to another to see how they celebrated Wellness Month!


Holey moley, it’s Team ANZ at the golf club 


When you see ‘Team ANZ’, you should immediately know they are a strong force to reckon with. The golf course might be devoid of playful decor, so a putt-putt course with ‘shark-infested waters’ and pop culture references like The Simpsons couch and the Nine Iron Throne hits the sweet spot for the adventurous ANZ team. On World Mental Health Day (October 10), the team kicked it off with a PATH awards ceremony that recognizes each team member’s contribution, then rounded it off with a mini-golf session. With strong camaraderie, they absolutely smashed it!  


Relaxing spa for the Bali Team


What are the first things that come into your mind when we say Bali? Beaches, nature, oh… and spa! In fact, this island in Indonesia has been touted as the ‘spa capital of Asia’.  Being the team that helps connect travelers to Bali’s local activities, they had first-hand experience with one of their merchants, Radha Spa at The Sankara Resort Ubud.


Therapeutic scented candle DIY in Ho Chi Minh City  


Candles are often associated with two other words that start with the letter C – comfort and coziness. No matter which season you’re in, they come in handy for unwinding time. Given the choice to mix up to 3 scents and decorate their candle jar with knick-knacks, Klookers in Vietnam exercised their crafty fingers by assembling a candle of their own style! We can already imagine how taking a whiff of the calming scent can put our minds at ease. *take a deep breath*


Flex and flow through Yoga in Shenzhen office 


Sitting at the desk for nearly 8 hours a day without stretching our bodies is no good. Our muscles and nerves might be signaling an SOS for help. Thankfully, we have our in-house yoga instructor who leads a 30-min yoga for Klookers every Wednesday to keep their body and mind aligned. Best of all? This exercise helps them break a sweat without going outdoors. Anyone can join—first-timers included! 


Ding-dong… A care package for you, EMEA + RoW Klookers


Klook EMEA + RoW Team


Our EMEA & RoW team is the most geographically-diverse team at Klook, with members in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia! While it’s hard for the team to be in one place to enjoy wellness activities together, we still have a way to make sure their well-being is taken care of: with a specially crafted care package consisting of high-quality items like bath bombs, a towel, and a Celeteque travel set with a facial wash, toner, and moisturizer!


Fifteen minutes with a blind masseuse in Singapore 


Neck and shoulder soreness is a common ailness among office employees, so a massage is more appreciated than ever. But instead of engaging regular masseuses, our team in Singapore sought the service from a group of professional blind masseuses, as they hoped to support dignified work by the disabled communities. 

“There are different pillars under the wellness umbrella. One of them is social wellness, which also means doing good for society. While these masseuses are differently abled, they were able to shine in areas that regular people might not. I also appreciate how they found the right pressure points and my tight knots were relieved because of their expertise,” praised Ming Li, People Experience Associate of Klook Singapore. 

So that goes the end of our tour! But before we touch down, we’d like to dedicate this article to our Office Experience (OX) team for organizing meaningful wellness activities with Klookers’ needs in mind. Thank you for all that you do to spark joy for Klookers!


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