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Klookers celebrate travel recovery with Klook Workcation

Headlines these days: border reopening, <country> to reopen borders, Japan to ease border controls, eased travel restrictions… 

We’ve probably seen “border” on our news feed very often. It may not even come as a surprise if this keyword ends up being one of the top searched keywords on Google in 2022 (SEO enthusiasts: you know what we’re talkin’ about 😉).

Border reopening only means one thing – travel recovery is in the air. Since most of us here work and live for travel, we thought, why don’t we combine work and vacation?


A celebration of international travel

And that’s how Klook came up with Klook Workcation, a new initiative that allows Klookers to temporarily work abroad anywhere  – while spending some vacation time in between! Whether they want to join a team meeting from a beach in Bali or work in Switzerland with wonderful Interlaken scenery around, Klookers can plan and experience their workcation with the flexibility that they get from this initiative.

“Over the last 2+ years, Klookers have proved that they are able to deliver business results despite not always being physically in the office. We have managed to weather through this pandemic and have come out even stronger. So I trust that Klookers can manage location flexibility well and will appreciate the ability to say, take a longer trip and reunite with family and friends for example,” says Cary Shek, Vice President of People & Culture.

Cary Shek, Vice President of People & Culture, Klook
Cary Shek

Vice President, People & Culture

“We also want to celebrate the border reopening trend that is happening around the world, and take this opportunity to encourage Klookers to travel outside of their country.”

The icing on the cake? Klookers get to book activities subsidized by Klook! That way, they can experience new things in their preferred destination. 

“With this subsidy, Klookers can help us curate our product catalog by testing the activities first-hand and sharing feedback after they return from their trip. Essentially, it’s a win-win situation for both Klookers and the company itself. By understanding their experience, we’re able to curate better activities for our users,” adds Cary.

The activities on Klook are curated around the theme ‘Joy’. It goes without saying that experiencing joy contributes to our overall wellness. Klook Workcation is designed based on this foundation. “Klookers’ wellness is a top priority for us. And one of the crucial elements that play a key role in our well-being is work flexibility. With travel restrictions in place in the last two years, we want to bring back the joy of travel again. Klook Workcation will be a catalyst for this,” explains Cary. 

As an added bonus, we have offices in many corners of the world. Klookers can always seek support from each other if they ever need a travel companion in the destination they visit. 


Workcation = Work + vacation + friendships


"Not only can they explore the world and bring back fresh perspectives, but they’re also able to connect with colleagues overseas if they visit a Klook office in their travel destination. This helps to foster collaboration and networking, especially for those who have been working remotely most of the time." 

Klookers have always been curious about our office space in other countries. Photos alone don’t do justice to the atmosphere and vibes. This is then all the more reason to tour a different office space while meeting new people (and potentially foster friendships). 



Originally from Hong Kong, our face of Workcation Natalie Fei enjoys her bubble milk tea with a beautiful view of the Lion City, Singapore

Klook is a workplace built on trust and clear communication. How do we ensure that Klookers go on a workcation in peace without worrying about their own team’s daily operation? 

Cary further elaborates, “We empower our managers to sort out their Workcation plan with their team. The key to making this Workcation work is to set clear expectations for the Workcation period for both manager and team members. Managers are encouraged to align proactively with team members about their work arrangements, including work availability, timezone differences (if any), core working hours, their availability for catch-ups and weekly team meetings, etc.”

As a huge advocate and one of the key decision makers for Klook Workcation, Cary also has her own travel plan this year. “In the last two years, I wasn't able to meet my family and friends in Hong Kong, which is my home. So I’m very much looking forward to this trip. I’ll also be taking some time off to explore new attractions that can be easily booked on Klook, such as the M+ museum and Water World Ocean Park."


Klookers are excited to travel abroad again!


Back in April, we ran an internal survey to gauge Klookers’ sentiments about travel in 2022 - both international and domestic. Some are excited about seeing their families and friends, while a number of them anticipate a relaxing vacation pampered with food, massage, and scenic views. Destinations that top our Klookers’ to-visit list include Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Germany, Spain, South Korea, and much more. 

Teaser alert: stay tuned for our follow-up to this article as we catch up with Klookers who return from their Workcation in the coming months!

Is “work for travel” your life motto? ✈️

Join our JOY-filled crew


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