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8 Biggest Milestones from 8 Years of Klook

8 years ago, Klook was launched with a humble passion for helping travelers find travel activities easily. Now, Klook has become a global company with a grand mission of enabling and inspiring joy for everyone. What a journey we have had!

To celebrate this special anniversary, we decided to book a ride on Doraemon’s time machine to look back into the 8 biggest milestones in Klook’s history – 8 moments that are pivotal in shaping the Klook you know today.

From the first version of our website, to the rebranding that we went through earlier this year, let’s see if you might figure out the rest of our key milestones in the past 8 years…


1. We went live with a website

The first version of Klook's website. Do you notice the difference from the current look?


This month, 8 years ago, Klook was officially launched as a website to book travel activities. It looked so different from the platform that you see right now, but the spirit remains the same: to help travelers find and book activities that bring them joy.


2. We have an app!

A digital banner to promote Klook's first ever app

The good thing about the timing of Klook’s launch is that back in 2014, our team already knew how important it was for a travel company to have an app. So after launching the website, the tech team (which was much leaner than we have right now!) quickly focused on creating a Klook app. Klook app was finally launched in 2015, which enabled us to accelerate the growth of our user baser.

3. We expanded in Asia 

Our Singapore team did offline activation in 2016 to introduce Klook to the country

One quality that Klook embodies since the early days is we dream big. So after we successfully launched our website and app in Hong Kong and Taiwan, our next target was to reach a much bigger audience: the rest of Asia! 

We scaled our effort in 2016 by expanding to Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. The rest, as often said, is history.

4. Established as a unicorn 

Klook team enjoyed a bonding time together


By 2018, our success story reached a lot of places, so no wonder that more investors were interested to invest in our team and our dream. We finally reached unicorn status that year with the Series D funding, and became one of few privately-held startups in Asia valued at over $1 billion. 

5. Reaching Europe and beyond



Our dream didn’t stop in Asia. That same year, we expanded our team to Europe to allow us onboard more travel activities in Europe and the US, and reach audience beyond Asia too. In 2018, we truly became a global company!


6.  Reaching a new height

Klook Travel Fest 2019 was held in several countries in Asia, a big sign of our success in the region


We reached a new height in 2019, thanks to the enormous growth we recorded that year. We crossed the 5-million mark for trusted customer reviews and served users from more than 95% of the world. We recorded a new record high for our yearly revenue. Klook became a leading travel company in Asia, and we were also getting stronger in Europe and the US.


7. Powered through the pandemic


Klook thrived during pandemic thanks to a quick pivot to at-home activities and domestic travel like staycation

2020 and 2021 were dark years for the travel world, because of you-know-what. But it didn’t stop us. Our team quickly pivoted our efforts to at-home activities and building domestic travel, and we started to see the fruit of our efforts last year. We didn’t only survive the pandemic – we emerged stronger. 


8. A brand new look, a stronger identity

Klook entered a new era with rebrand in March 2022


Our rebrand in March was an important milestone for us. It allowed us to shape our brand in the new world of travel. It carried a redefined mission. It gave us a stronger identity. Now, Klook is not only a platform to book your travel activities. It’s a platform that enables our users to experience joy!

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